Retrograde Planets 2021 Explained

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      Sometimes our day-to-day existence is defined by more than just our personal actions and our reaction to the world around us. There are many factors that go into this melting pot we call “life”: from our intentions and desires to our beliefs, energy around us and influences in our environment. One of these factors is the planetary system around the sun: each planet takes its part in this.


      Each planet has a specific area in which its presence is felt the best, for example, Venus benefits your love life, while Mars is a protector of masculine energy and strength. However, there are times when planets’ rotation may produce both positive and negative influence on human beings and these periods are called “retrograde”. Today we are going to tell you when each of classical planets go in retrograde in 2021 and what it may mean for you.


      What is retrograde?


      As you may know, the concept of retrograde is deeply rooted in astrology rather than astronomy. Astrology has been a subject of huge debates over the years, so a lot of that relies on your personal beliefs and convictions. Astrology is a massive part of spiritual development and spiritual practices, so we often refer to it when we are trying to find solutions and answers in our everyday life. So if you are too skeptical about such spiritual practices, this article may be not your cup of tea.


      Classical astrology usually speaks of seven planets, which could be seen with a naked eye in ancient times: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Earth is usually not included since it was considered to be the center of the planetary system (before it was discovered that the center is actually the Sun) and the point of astrology was to find out how these other planets influence the Earth, so there was no need to include it.


      So, while astrologists of the old were studying the planets, they have noticed that there are times of a year when planets are moving backwards, and that was named “retrograde”. Nowadays, with the modern advances in astronomy we do know that it only seems from the Earth that other planets are moving backwards due to differences in rotation speed. However, people could not figure it out during millennia of observation without modern equipment such as telescopes, satellites, probes and advances in exact sciences. That’s why the term “retrograde planet” became deeply rooted in astrology practices of the world (especially in Europe, Mesopotamia and India) and it is believed that retrograde periods have strong influence on our life.


      Timetable of 2021 retrogrades


  1. Mercury: 30 January – 21 February; 30 May – 31 June; 27 September – 18 October


      Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, so its orbit is much shorter than the Earth’s, that’s why it passes the Earth three times this year and is in retrograde three times. Mercury is closely connected to human intellect and communication, and those are the areas you need to pay close attention during Mercury retrograde periods. Retrograde Mercury is a great period for some deep thinking and reflection and thoughtful work. You may think about what changes you wish to bring into your life and what you need to let go.


      However, be wary to do important actions during this period. While it is great to have these deep thoughts under retrograde Mercury, it may actually cloud your judgement when it comes to making decisions. So, even though you may clearly define what you need to change and what to avoid in your life, please wait until retrograde Mercury ends to take action. There is a high possibility that what you decide upon until retrograde ends is wrong.


      The same goes for your work – take your time and work on your projects, maybe something you’ve been postponing time and time again. Bringing your intellect during retrograde Mercury to your older project might reinvigorate them and improve your work. Yet stay clear of making large decisions, such as signing contracts – you might perform poorly when it comes to that. Another aspect which may suffer at your work (and in your personal life) due to retrograde Mercury is your communication with others. You can encounter sudden impulsive behavior, confusion in conversations and irritability. Try devoting as much attention as possible to self-control if you face such difficulties. Moreover, gardening and taking care of your houseplants may help you to control your emotions and stabilize your mental health.


      You can also enhance Mercury retrograde with a specific healing crystal. For Mercury such a crystal is amazonite, which is perfect when it comes to concentration and thinking process. The effects of the retrograde may become more vivid and clear in result.


  1. Jupiter: 20 June – 18 October


      Jupiter is the largest planet in our system, so, naturally, it has very long orbiting period. That’s why its retrogrades are some of the longest among classical planets and during this long period you can find both great opportunities and harmful threats. Jupiter is mainly associated with growth, health, wealth and success.  However, nothing is so simple with retrograde planets, so that doesn’t mean that your life will be improved in these areas right away.


      What it does mean is that these several month is a great time for reassessment of your life. It may be the reassessment of your ideals, convictions or habits. Try not to base your reflections on negative (I don’t like this in my life, I need to change that), yet try to ask yourself this question: “What can I do to make my life better?”. Focus at first on smaller details and let them construct a larger spider web of ideas, which later can be interpreted into what steps you need to take to become a better version of yourself.


      Retrograde Jupiter gives you concentration and devotion to reassess yourself, yet you must be wary of its effects on your relationships. It may form cracks in stable relationships and marriages, turn family members against each other, break long friendships. That is why it is important to keep balance between your work on yourself and your personal life. Make sure you take breaks from your thinking process and take care of your beloved ones.


      When it comes to healing crystals and Jupiter, a lot of them actually resonate with such a powerful planet, yet the best may just be malachite. This is a stone that welcomes changes and may become your best aid in starting anew and turning a page.

  1. Venus: 19 December – 29 January 2022


      Venus is often called the twin planet of the Earth because of how it looks, however, it also carries a lot of weight and influence over Earth when it enters a retrograde period. Venus is named after a Roman goddess of love and has a close connection to femininity. That is why retrograde Venus usually means a massive boost in feminine energy at the expense of masculine energy.


      In the period of retrograde Venus, feminine traits of character are more active. These include such features as sensitivity, supportiveness, empathy, intuition, warmth, cooperation, humility, affection, tenderness, high emotional response, kindness and understanding. This, of course, means that retrograde Venus is a perfect time for starting and improving romantic relationships. Maybe it will be a positive experience to review your past relationships and understand it. Retrograde Venus is also beneficial for teamwork and teambuilding as well as mending wrongs in any interpersonal relationships.


      However, the masculine traits may be suppressed during retrograde Venus. These features are usually strength, individualism, independence, leadership, courage and assertiveness. Due to retrograde you must be careful taking risks at work and starting entrepreneurship as well as putting too much burden on yourself in your personal life. It is better to be more passive for a while, thankfully, this period only lasts a month.


      Venus has a perfect crystal companion which emphasizes every aspect of this planet – rose quartz. It has been considered a love crystal for millennia and it never fails to deliver in our experience. That is why it is a great supplement for enhancing feminine energy flows during Venus retrograde.

  1. Saturn: 23 May – 11 October


      In turn, Saturn enjoys quite a long retrograde, the longest this year. And It is great, since Saturn is a planet of wisdom and justice, and you can largely benefit from its retrograde period, especially if you expect honesty and just rewards from your life. It is a perfect time for achieving goals and getting closure on many of your endeavors.


      Retrograde Saturn can help to convert your hard work into honestly earned payoff. If you faced some unjust decisions not in your favor by other people in your life, this period is about repairing that. Whether you want to study hard to get perfect grades or work properly on your projects to get approval, revenue or promotion, with retrograde Saturn you have a window to do just that.


      However, this justice works both ways. If you will be slacking off or just be lazy to do the work expected of you, be prepared to face the consequences. Retrograde Saturn can be hard on people who wish to achieve results by dishonest means and cheating. Whether it is sports competitions or your relationships, even the deepest secrets may become revealed.


      Hematite will make sure that you stay on the right path during Saturn retrograde. It will help you keep yourself in check while achieving your goals and you will be able to see clearer what are the correct things to do, bringing you grounding and awareness.

  1. This year’s absentee – Mars


      2021 doesn’t have retrograde Mars so the effects of it are not existent. Mars is primarily responsible for our passion and creativity, so these parts of your life will not be affected in 2021, business as usual. More than that, Mars acts opposite of Venus, promoting masculine energy and suppressing feminine energy. This year these effects will be absent. However, you can use a number of crystals, such as obsidian and cornelian to promote similar properties.


      So this is our small review of this year’s retrograde planets. We hope that they will bring you only the best and you will safely live through their negative effects. Stay safe and purchase healing crystals to enhance the effects of retrograde planets!


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