3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Shungite

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      Are you a responsible parent spending quality time with the children, taking care of them and trying to be a good role model? Definitely you are.


      Children are our future and their health and well-being are the most precious things we have. Therefore, every parent always tries to do his best to protect the children from negative influence of the outside world. Shungite is there to help you.




      As you may know, shungite has numerous protective and healing properties. Due to the powerful energy this unique mineral has been accumulating for more than 2 billion years it is capable of blocking negative energy and shielding you from any harmful effects.


Shungite for child’s protection


      In modern digital world one of the most serious threats is electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by different electronic devices. It is extremely dangerous because it is invisible but can have long-run detrimental effect on our health. EM radiation in the form of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is all around us. Everyone is exposed to it. But there is some groups of extremely vulnerable people for whom it is even more dangerous. And children are among them. There are several reasons why.


     shungite-stone-protection-against-emf First and foremost, it goes without saying that modern children are more vulnerable to EMF exposure because they deal with the sources of radiation much more often than their parents and grandparents. In modern day world even kids under age of 3 know how to handle with cell phones, laptops and other gadgets. And they actually use them at an unprecedented scale. They are growing up digitally. Statistics provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation show that an average kid spends more than 7 hours in front of some kind of electronic device.


      Nowadays there are no digital-free zones. So we cannot keep distance from the sources of EMFs. Children are surrounded by cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and other devices not only at home, but also at school. Modern classrooms are filled with computers, high-speed internet and other technologies applied for learning and entertaining.


      Besides, children are considered to be especially vulnerable to the EMFs since their brain, nervous and immune system are still developing. They do not have enough strength to protect growing kids. All internal systems of a child’s body are focused on steady and harmonious development and have no capability to combat external negative influence, including EMF.


      What vigilant parents can do with EMFs affecting their growing children? Alongside with regulating wisely your child’s screen time, you need some powerful shield. And shungite is believed to be the one. Shungite is widely known for its radiation blocking properties. It absorbs up to 98% of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, to protect your kids you can just attach a small shungite plate to the phone, tablet or mp3-player. It will let you control your child, entertain or teach him and enjoy other benefits of modern technologies without any harm to his health.


      Another way to protect your kids with the help of shungite is to buy a piece of shungite jewelry. Alongside with being trendy and eye-catchy accessories shungite bracelets, necklaces and earrings are extremely efficient shields blocking any negative impact of the external environment. For your convenience, almost all pieces of shungite jewelry can be customized to fit your child.


Shungite for better academic performance



      Moreover, shungite will be extremely useful for your children due to unique energetic properties. Shungite stones have proven not only to block negative influence, but also to accumulate the positive energy and bring it into our life. Place a small shungite pyramid or a sphere at your child’s desk. It will improve his mood and improve academic performance by increasing learning capacity and overall productivity. Shungite improves memory, relives stress and increases self-discipline that can be extremely important for pupils and students especially during the exams. 


Shungite for happiness


      Shungite is believed to create the atmosphere of peace, love and happiness. So place some shungite items near your bed, in the living room or in the kitchen to ensure harmonious and healthy development of body and soul of your children and all the loved ones.

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