5 Reasons Why Shungite Pyramids Are Popular in UK

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      The popularity of shungite in Western countries is constantly growing; nowadays more and more people are becoming familiar with its protective and curative properties. The United Kingdom is not the exception. Over the recent years, the number of British people who use shungite on daily basis has increased. Brief market research analysis has shown that the most popular shungite item in UK is shungite pyramid. There are several reasons why. black-shungite-stone-decorative-pyramidshungite-stone-pyramid-for-emf-protection


      The first reason why shungite pyramids are so popular in UK is their protective properties. Shungite is known as a powerful shield against EMF, geopathic stress and any other forms of negative influence. People living in such developed countries as UK are surrounded by different gadgets emitting radiation. Therefore, shungite pyramids are there to ensure their comprehensive protection. Shungite absorbs more than 90% of electromagnetic waves bringing negative effect of EMFs close to zero. 


      Deep and attractive black color of shungite makes shungite pyramids stylish and trendy element of décor. Our customers in UK usually place shungite pyramids on their desks at work and near the bed or in living rooms at home to protect their loved ones. Both polished and non-polished shungite pyramids perfectly fit any interior.


      Moreover, shungite pyramids are extremely popular in the UK because of highly powerful energy and healing properties of shungite. Due to positive energy, shungite stones have been accumulating for more than two billion years of their existence, this mineral cleanses and charges the root chakra and balance energy flows bringing harmony and stability into the life. Besides, shungite improves functioning of internal systems of our body, contributing to good health, increases memory capacity and overall productivity.


     Shape of pyramid is believed to have magical energy enhancing positive shungite influence. Therefore, in UK shungite pyramids are especially popular among psychologists and other experts at wellness and spa-centers, as well as among workaholics. People living in such big cities as London are suffering from constant stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and other results of the rat race.  Shungite pyramids give people in UK an opportunity to shield themselves from all these side effects of the modern world, to relieve fatigue and become happier. shungite-emf-pyramid-comprehensive-protection


      The list of positive shungite properties goes far beyond the ones describing in this article. And the mission of Karelian Heritage team is to help people in UK and other countries around the world to know about this unique Karelian mineral and experience its protective and healing properties.


      For a long time our company has been supplying shungite pyramids and other shungite items to the United Kingdom at reasonable prices. We have an extensive customer base in Britain who rate high our shungite products and customer service. Do not hesitate and become one of our happy customer! 


      You can find shungite pyramids of different styles, shapes and sizes at our online store. The price (another reason for popularity in UK) is not high and cannot even be compared with the unique properties and powerful energy you will be able to experience. Real Karelian shungite pyramid is your chance to bring positive changes into your life!


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