Radioactive Shungite: True or False?

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      There is one question that we often hear from our clients or just people who are interested in shungite: is shungite radioactive? Of course, this question is logical since shungite is a rock that is found in a ground and that has been subjected to all kinds of influence since the dawn of time. Couple it with its powerful properties, especially EMF shielding and you’ve got a recipe for bad press and rumors. So it is our job today to set the record straight and show you, that shungite is quite harmless for a human being.


      We should start from our own evidence. As you might know, we are situated in Petrozavodsk, the capital city of Karelia, home of shungite. In Petrozavodsk we have a local scientific center of Russian Academy of Sciences, and in this center they have the Institute of geology. So we have decided to use the opportunity we have and have given our shungite items for research to find out if there are any radioactive elements in our products. The results were fascinating, albeit not surprising. The amount of elements that can be regarded radioactive are at very minimum, under 1 % of overall composition. More than that, all of these elements are harmless, like Calcium and Potassium. The results were all pretty much similar for all three types of shungite. Of course, the major component in shungite is Carbon, with other major components being Silicon dioxide, Iron dioxide, Aluminium oxide and Magnum oxide. So as you can see, science proves that there is no radioactivity in shungite.


      Next thing we should do is to move from the city research centers to the Karelian villages on the Onega lake where shungite is excavated. People who live around Zazhoginsky deposit (primarily in the village of Shunga) have always noticed the overall purity of the environment they live in: crystal clean water in nearby reservoirs, pollution-free air, fertile and nutritious soil. For centuries, outsiders were surprised by this fact, and with the development of technology first radiological tests in the region showed that level of pollution is extremely low on all fronts. What is even more curious, since people started to mine the shungite deposits, the amount of radiation in the region started to increase with each year. Thus, we can see that shungite was actually keeping the level of radiation around Shunga under control and now as the deposit gets smaller, this protection diminishes and radiation starts to find its way into the environment.


      From all the indications, shungite actually influences already radioactive materials in a positive way. Researches of Kazan State University showed that due to its carbon composition, shungite is able to extract radioactivity from contaminated water. The same experiments were conducted in the Moscow State University in order to find natural filter for radioactive water. The experiments with shungite helped to create modified carbon materials that can help revitalize areas which are affected by nuclear fallout, for example, in case of accidents in nuclear power plants.


      And final evidence of shungite being free of radiation comes, of course, from you, our clients. People who buy our shungite products are often interested in its radiation level because of the rumors and take the readings from shungite themselves with different equipment. We are always happy to get some feedback regarding our products and we are glad to say that so far everyone tells us that the amount of radioactivity in our products is down to minimum and that shungite helps them in long-term with its purification and protection. People who consume shungite water regularly notice that they overall health improves, mood stabilizes and in some cases it even helps to cure some ailments.


      So there you have it: the results of our own research conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the word of mouth of the locals around the biggest shungite deposit in the world, experiments in different institutions of Russia and other countries and feedback from our clients all indicate that the amount of radiation in shungite is extremely low or non-existent all along. What’s more, shungite is actually an effective way to battle radiation thanks to its unique carbon and fullerenes composition. Purchase shungite with no fear that it will affect your health in a negative way and enjoy its properties on daily basis!

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Iona giacoletto:
20/02/2020, 01:34:22 PM

I’ve had my shungite for five years and had it tested for radiation, it showed above average levels and so did I, so I took it off and they tested me again without it on me, and the radiation levels were normal. So I’m guessing that means that the radiation in it doesn’t affect humans ,or does it mean that Shungite is absorbing the radiation ?

Karelian Heritage:
21/02/2020, 12:40:39 PM

Dear Lona, thank you for your comment. Shungite's unique composition both absorbs and neutralizes radiation, so it should not show any level of radiation. If you have bought shungite items anywhere apart from our shop, we cannot guarantee you that your shungite is authentic. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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