Oops, I Drank It Again: Shungite will Be Your Best Hangover Cure

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      So, let’s imagine the simplest situation: you decide to go and socialize like a normal civilized being you are on a Friday night with couple of your BFFs and suddenly, bada bing bada boom, you have one drink too many. Obviously, you have a great time and party hard, just as you deserve after your hard working all week long, however, be cautious, young traveler! Ahoy, Mein Kapitän, we are sailing straight to the land of the living dead, also known as the morning after.


What’s the story, morning infamy


      You know the feeling. Boy, it was fun last night, and, boy, I don’t want to live right now. Well, I guess I didn’t know that a human head can hurt so bad. Wow, is this a Pacific Ocean I see there, ‘cause I’ll sure as hell suck it dry to the very last drop, and don’t you tell me I can’t drink salt water, mother!  Yeah, sure I am happy, why do you ask, I’ve just said I feel miserable, Karen! I’ve just had a weirdest dream that I’d made out with my high school crush, OHMYGOSH THERE’S A PICTURE OF THAT. You know, that kind of feeling. Lo and behold, the trickster god of bohemian youth, - hangover. 


      So there is a disposition: you feel like crap physically, your head hurts just like it’s being split into two parts, your mouth is as dry as a barren wasteland, you are overly sensitive to light, noise, smell and touch, food makes you sick, standing up makes you sick, sitting up makes you sick, lying down makes you sick (basically, you’ll be sick anyway, don’t try anything) and to add insult to injury, your mental health is in no better shape. Shame, depression, apathy and emotional instability will be your friends for the day, well, thank you very much. As you see, situation doesn’t look very bright for a normal human functioning. So, we are going to give you couple of hangover tips – what can you do to ease the symptoms of a heavy hangover with the help of crystal healing and more specifically – with the powerful shungite healing properties.


I would drink a gallon of water and I would drink a gallon more


      The top hangover tip for everyone – stay hydrated! So, after you wake up (kinda) and decide that, yes, I can cross this day out of my life, you can at least hope that the afternoon will be bearable enough to mimic the existence of a human being. That’s why you need to start drinking water right away to replenish the one you’ve lost in your battle with the bloody Mary the night before. Well, if you are already a shungite enthusiast, you surely know that shungite water is better in every way. And during a hangover it is even more true – your body is in dire need of all the positive elements and energy. Shungite possesses just enough energy and revitalization boost to try to bring you back to normal. And its restorative abilities will try their best to repair most of the damage done by, what we can only imagine was the awesome night.


      So make sure to have some shungite stones, especially elite shungite stones, around you so you could just put them in your drinking water, then go back to sleep, and by the time you’ll wake up again the water will have enough properties already to bring you back to life. Even better, if you think ahead and prepare it in the evening, the more the better, so you’ll be able not only drink it but also use it as a base for a fat-rich soup, which is perfect for hangover munchies and wash your face with it which will give you great refreshment and get you rid of the dryness of the skin. Just use 150-200 grams of regular shungite stones or 50-70 grams of elite ones per one liter of water, and your shungite water will be properly charged and energized.


I put shungite point inside my hand, it’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache


      After you are properly hydrated and energized, it’s time to put your mind at ease. All kinds of negative thoughts travel in and out of your head at this unstable time, and your emotional state is off the chart. That is why you need to ground yourself and find the balance all by yourself and the best way to do it by meditating with shungite, which is 2 billion years old and has a perfect rapport with the Earth and the Root Chakra. By establishing this connection, you will find calmness and security. It is best to meditate with shungite points, spheres, merkabas or harmonizers for 10 minutes every couple of hours until you will find that balance and grounding and finally feel better. Just let go of all the negative thoughts and focus on your intention of finding balance while repeating the affirmation “I am strong and in control of my emotions”.


      Another thing you can do to ease your hangover is to wear shungite jewelry, for example a shungite bracelet or necklace. These jewelry pieces will successfully protect you from other negative influences around you, like EMF or 5G radiation, and lower the overall strain on your organism.


      However, the best hangover tip we can give you is: drink responsibly, or better yet, not drink at all. But if the circumstances didn’t let you to avoid that, know that shungite is always by your side. Purchase shungite and enjoy only the best from the nature of the North!



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