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      When asked about the purpose of our everyday livelihood, all of us come up with a variety of different answers. For some, it is the pursuit of successful career. For others, it is hobbies, entertainment and pleasure. And a big chunk of people will say that family and children are the most important things in life. And we are here not to argue with that, to each their own. But we feel that some people can’t even admit it, however searching (or waiting) for love in life is on each person’s agenda. The feeling of love is universal and unique at the same time and the warm soothing emotions it brings us are must-have things for a healthy mental state and positive mood.


      People have spent eons trying to figure out the secret of love. How do you find it? How do you keep it? How can you understand that your choice is a correct one? There are tons of other questions people ask about romantic life on every stage, from the first meeting and first date to getting old together. The intricacies and subtleties are countless and an inexperienced person can have a hard time figuring it all out. However, we practice crystal healing for a lot time now to know, that crystals promote more than just healing itself. Love is a massive part of a natural life, so these natural minerals have huge effects on such a positive aspect of life. Of course, different crystals have different effects and you should first define your intentions to know, what your goal is. After you define it, you should pick the stone accordingly to your intentions.  Today we are going to tell you about different intentions while promoting love with crystals and what crystals you should use for each intention. Our collection of crystal jewelry, both in combinations with powerful properties of shungite and of its own will be a perfect means for promoting love in a number of different manners. healing-crystals-for-love-attraction


  1. Crystals for attracting love

These crystals are the basis of promoting love and they are crucial for this process. They primarily stimulate the Heart Chakra, thus opening such emotions as love, friendliness and trust. These minerals transform your life energy and make you more kind, positive and open. The crystals draw new people into your life, making it possible to make new friends and find romantic interests for you. They also bring clarity in a way that you will be able to express your thoughts clearly just as understand other people. In addition, they can bring clarity to your thoughts within you, helping you to define some of your unexpressed feelings towards people. If you will choose to follow this intention, you can use this affirmation while working with crystals:” My life is full of love. I attract love into my life. I am a magnet for love”.


Crystals for attracting love are: Rose quartz, Tourmaline, Green aventurine, Shungite, Rose aura quartz, Amazonite, Pink Opal.


  1. Crystals for self-love

For some of us, this is the most important of any kind of love. We often lack confidence, ambitions or simply strength to carry on. We struggle to define our own identity, needs and goals. And a lot of times the obstacles on the way towards harmonic self-love are the primary reason in failing to find love with another person. The crystals in this category promote awareness so you will be able to find your own true self and understand your self-worth. They help you to come up with a healthy criticism towards yourself to you would be able to battle some of the issues you will find with this criticism. The healing properties of these minerals will influence greatly your mental and emotional state, driving away depression and negative thoughts. In the end, these crystals shall become a foundation in shaping you as a strong, confident and goal-oriented person with clear view of your strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, with self-acceptance.


Crystals for self-love: Kyanite, Purple agate, Angelite, Red jasper, Shungite, Fluorite, Lava stone.


  1. Crystals for stable relationships

Even though love and relationships go hand to hand with each other, they sometimes are world apart. If love is more passionate process, based on our emotions, relationships are more rational, and they are often based on experience and love itself. You can be hell of a lover, but be completely useless in serious relationships (and vice versa, of course). So the goal of these crystals is to make sure you can be patient and tolerant in relationships, understand your partner and be clear in your intentions and desires.  If you have such issues in your interpersonal relationships as over-reaction, failures in hearing your partner or understanding him/her, inability to marginalize your personal hobbies and activities from your relationships, then this category of crystals should be your choice. It also unravels such personal features as compassion, empathy, honesty and better communication, which are essential for healthy relationships.


Crystals for stable relationships: Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Amazonite, Aura quartz, Garnet, Agate.


  1. Crystals for a broken heart

The negative past experiences can be extremely damaging for years. They can affect mental and emotional state, interpersonal communication, career and overall livelihood of a person. So when you have negative experience connected to a romantic endeavor, such as a hard break up, cheating or even the death of your partner, it can have harmful effects on your future love life, these experiences can stand in a way of achieving happiness with another person. Hence, these crystals are beneficial for overcoming said experiences and leaving all your hurt and traumas behind.  They bring up such qualities as compassion and forgiveness, replacing all anger and hate which may consume you after your heart gets broken. The crystals also transform your outlook into more positive one making it possible for you to start new relationships.


Crystals for a broken heart: Chrysocolla, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Aura Quartz, Red Coral, Shungite, Jade.


      So now you know the basic intentions for different crystals and we hope that it will help you in your romantic affairs and in finding your true self. More than that, you can use these intentions in order to pick a gift for your friends, family or even your romantic interest. Remember, nothing says “I love you” like crystals! Purchase items from our crystal jewelry store and charge your routine with the limitless power of love!

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