Let’s Take a Break: Crystals Against Stress and Fatigue During Studying

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        Studying is hard. That is just a fact of modern life (and yes, we’ve all been there). Constant stress and fatigue, inability to see past the exams into the future and build further plans, insecurity in your own abilities – that is what awaits anyone who wants to go further with the education. That is not to say that there are no positive things in studying and college life – there are plenty of those and much more than the negative ones, but still you cannot escape some of the harm that comes with this busy schedule of everyday life in university. To keep yourself sane, healthy and full of energy you will need to know some tricks of the trade, and we, all ex-students, can tell you all about it. Especially when it comes to our favorite topic – crystal energy and crystal healing!


Hey, how do I solve it?


        Of course, the easiest way to secure good health and stable energy when you constantly need to work and have next to no sleep is to just carry crystals around all day long! That way you will have an access to crystal’s properties 24-7 without the need to do anything with them. If you have a constant workspace at your dorm room or at the university building, it would be effective to keep crystals in front of you while you study. This will help to prevent fatigue (it will come, naturally, but much slower). Also, crystal energy is very well received through sleep, so placing crystals near your bedhead or even under the pillow will help you to restore your energy and keep yourself in a fast pace of college life.


        However, the most effective method of enjoying powerful properties of crystals is to take a break from the chaos of studying and meditate with them. Just sit down comfortably wherever you want, take a crystal in your hand, close your eyes and let go of all thoughts. Enjoy this free flow of thinking for 15 minutes and then you can get back to hard work again. Repeat it twice a day or increase a number of meditations in the busiest periods of studying. Remember, that it is essential that you define your intentions for your crystal healing and choose the crystal accordingly!


So, what’s on the menu?


        1. Fluorite. In studying you will always need to be motivated to do everything properly and to finish what you’ve started. The feelings of laziness and failure to understand why you are doing what you are doing can totally mess you up, so crystals like fluorite are just what you need to repair that. It will keep you motivated, goal-oriented and determined to do what you need. All the negativity you feel towards your studies will evaporate or transform into positive ones.


        2. Quartz. Quartz is well-known to be a crystal of focus and concentration. It helps you to clear your mind when you feel that there are so many things that you can do in the world instead of studying and keep you on the right track. All the knowledge and information you receive will stay with you easier and you will be able to play it back when you need. It is also the crystal of calmness and serenity, which very helpful in stressful times.


        3. Tourmaline. This crystal is also important for establishing positive attitude towards your studies and staying in a joyful mood. It promotes creativity, which is essential in a number of professions, especially ones which are connected to the arts. It is also great for overcoming obsessions and addictions which can come between you and studying.


        4. Amazonite. This is yet another crystal for relaxation after stressful times. If you had some sort of letdowns recently, amazonite is great for overcoming this sort of problems. It is also beneficial in channeling your negative emotions, such as fear and anger, into positive deeds, for example, hard work. Moreover, it aids in self-discipline.


      5. Pearl. This stone helps you to regroup during tough times and recharge your energy to achieve great results afterwards. It is also a stone of grounding and balancing properties, so it will eliminate all the negative energy around you and establish stable positive energy flows.


      6. Amethyst. Another crystal which will help you overcome negative emotions and feelings towards studying, such as laziness, addictions and distractions. Amethyst is created to keep us focused and determined, never to let go of our end goals.


       7. Shungite. Shungite is really great when it comes to rest, relaxation and restoration of our energy. It stimulates Root Chakra to help in balance of energy. It is also essential for crystal healing and the healthy input it will provide for you will help you stay in shape and have a sharp mind. The greatest thing about shungite is also the variety of shungite products. You can carry stones around in your pockets, wear shungite jewelry, keep numerous shungite decorations around your dorm room and meditate with shungite tumbled stones, spheres, harmonizers, etc.


        With these powerful crystals and stones you will never burn out during a semester and will remain a well-performing student all year long. Purchase crystals for studying, stable sleep, great health and stability!



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