Karelian Heritage Editorial: Do Crystals Really Work?

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      Hey there! Long time no see, I know, yet I do love to discuss the questions you have, so I’ve found time once again to do it. And what questions they are, you cannot imagine how interesting it is to see what you ask us. Today I am going to try to answer the question that pops up there quite regularly: how do crystals work? If they work at all that is. There is a lot of skepticism among the newcomers to crystal healing so I do understand why this question is so popular.


      First of all, I have to answer a question myself: Do I believe that crystals work? Yes, naturally I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be working with crystals. However, I can objectively see where all the skepticism about crystals is born – in a lot of cases there is no scientific data that proves that crystals have effects on human beings, especially spiritually. My belief in crystals is rooted more in my personal choices, preferences and experiences. If people choose not to believe in crystals it is also perfectly ok and all of it comes down to your own personality.


      In a lot of ways crystals work similarly to any other belief. You choose to believe in it and through your choice and devotion to crystal healing it starts to help you back. When we talk about crystal healing we always stress that you should approach it correctly, for example, determine your intentions and meditate with crystals, while focusing on those intentions and repeating corresponding affirmations. In time, if you devote enough time to your crystal healing and development your intentions will start to manifest itself. In my experience, this all comes from your work and your frim belief in crystals.


      This is all connected to what is called a placebo effect. It occurs when your body positively reacts to a certain stimulus. You can either subjectively think you feel better or your body can objectively become better, both physically and mentally. The number of body systems that react positively to placebo is incredible: nervous, endocrine, reproductive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and so on. This is the reason why we often say that crystals help to treat different diseases. Through the power of belief and placebo effect crystal can actually turn your life around and help your health issues.



      Yet you should always keep in mind that even though crystals are very effective supplements to spiritual development through your efforts, they are in no way medicine or panacea. If you are seriously ill, you should consult first with a doctor. Crystals should always come as an addition to your traditional medicinal treatment. And if your health is ok, you can use crystals as a tool to keep your health in great shape. The placebo effect and your belief will make sure that you keep your life fresh, dynamic, goal-oriented and fit.


      If you are sceptic about crystals and wish to debunk all the mythology that surrounds them, then crystal healing is certainly not your cup of tea. The crystal healing process should be regarded thoughtfully, with awareness, devotion and belief. With this combination, you will be able to do great things with crystals, reinvent yourself and help your body heal.


      And that is what I think about the work of crystal. I hope that I was able to provide you with the insight into our magnificent work with crystals. If you wish to learn more about crystal healing and shungite, check out our blog and Youtube channel. Follow us on Instangram and Facebook to be updated on our latest news and product. Until next time,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Faithfully yours,
                                                                                                                                                                                      - Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heritage editor.



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