How to Program Shungite Reiki Pyramid

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      We always find more and more different spiritual techniques and practices that can benefit from shungite properties. There are so many various spiritual traditions around the world, belonging to different cultures and times. Egypt, India, ancient European peoples, modern Western scholars – there is obviously a plethora of practices to choose from. Different ideas vibe with different people, so it is only up to you to find the technique that suits you perfectly and resonates with you personally. Today we are going to tell you about yet another of those spiritual practices and how shungite makes it even more effective. To do this, we must look towards the East once more and learn about a unique technique from Japan called reiki.


      Reiki is a technique mostly connected to healing, especially healing with hands (by touching). Other than healing it is said to promote calmness and deep relaxation.  Its name combines two Japanese words: “rey” means “spirit” or “soul” while “ki” means “vital energy”. It is believed that every living being possesses the life force energy which accounts for most of the processes of life. This way, when someone’s life force energy is low, he/she tends to be weaker, tired, stressful and can be easily subjected to a number of ailments.  It is up to reiki masters, who are high on this energy to transfer it into the body of people, who are low on it. In the end, the process of healing can reduce the symptoms of the illness, cure it away completely or just influence the spiritual body of the patient, improving his/her mental or emotional health and eliminating stress and anxiety. The reiki masters train for many years to be able to attune their connection to the life force energy in order to manipulate it. The basic reiki healing only requires the master, who gives the patient his healing through touching with palms. However, reiki healing can be administered through other means, which is important to us. 


reiki-pyramid-healing      The life force energy that is essential to life can be not only manipulated by trained masters but also stores within spiritual objects, with most potent being reiki pyramid. The shape of pyramid always had a deep connection to the spiritual world, being a direct line towards the afterlife in the Egyptian culture, as well as the link to the divine world through it relation to the god of sun Ra. And Egyptians weren’t the only people to have spiritual beliefs connected to pyramids; you can see it all over the ancient world, from Maya civilization to Roman Empire and ancient China. Adepts of reiki advice in favor of using the shape of pyramid in spiritual healing, as mentioned before, for its natural ability to store life force energy.  You can even hold your hand over the drawing of a pyramid and get some results, but of course the physical representation of pyramid is more effective.


      That is where shungite comes into play. As you may have already noticed, we offer a large selection of shungite pyramids of different sizes, shapes and types. We have a long practice of using the healing and spiritual properties of shungite combined with sacredness of the pyramidal shape to great results; our client’s feedback won’t lie. And now we know that life force energy that is essential to reiki traditions is one of the components of these overwhelming effects we get from shungite pyramids. If you have studied what makes shungite so unique you can probably guess what a powerful synergy the properties of shungite and life force energy create. The stimulation of the energy flow and Chakra balancing on the one hand and comprehensive protection from negative energy and influences on the other makes your experience with life force energy even smoother so that practicing reiki really has an extremely powerful effect on your health, well-being, mental state and everyday routine.


      Nevertheless, the question arises: how to experience the life force energy of shungite pyramid according to reiki traditions? Well, the answer lies in the nature of reiki techniques. As the main focus during reiki healing is on touching and transferring the energy through hands, one of the ways to attune to the life-force energy stored in pyramid is to hold your palm over it and meditate. As with intentions and affirmations it is better to visualize the energy flows coming into your body though any metaphor you see fit. This will add up to comprehensive healing and protection you get from just placing shungite pyramids around your household. Another way is to transfer life force energy directly to the troubled area of your body by placing your shungite pyramid on said area. Don’t forget that the pyramid can also become depleted of energy and as it charges you, you should charge it as well. The celestial bodies are perfect for recharging it, i.e. sun and moon. Just leave it for a day or night directly under either sunlight (for masculine energy) or moonlight (for feminine energy). Another way to recharge them is through direct contact with powerful crystal, for example quartz or agate. If you feel that effects of your reiki pyramid became weaker this may be the sign that you should recharge it.


      So now you know more about the effects of shungite pyramid, whether it is already your favorite healing item or you are just starting your magical journey into the world of shungite. Either way, we are happy to bring this magnificent energy and fulfilling healing and spiritual growth in to your life with our natural product. Buy shungite reiki pyramid and find your harmony and strength with the life force energy of the universe! 

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