Farmer’s Little Helper: Shungite For Agriculture

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        Shungite has many uses and purposes all around the world in different areas of everyday life. We use it for personal healing and protection from negative influences, we cleanse our drinking water to make it healthier and protect our homes with decorative shungite items. We also take care of our plants with the help of shungite and shungite water, which improves growth and plant health and shungite decoration is a great addition to any terrarium. However, home plants are not the only members of world’s flora which can benefit from shungite. Why don’t we increase the scale of shungite appliance and talk about its industrial use in agriculture, trend that is already present in today’s world.


Properties do their job well


        Thanks to the extensive studies on shungite done in the Russian Academy of Sciences in Karelia throughout the 20th century, people in Russia have learned about some of the shungite’s properties which can have practical use in everyday life. Since Russia has a large agricultural sector and it is always for a new techniques and fertilizers, shungite has immediately drew attention of agronomists after that. And not to no avail, shungite really proved that it has what it takes to be a valuable element of agricultural life.


        First of all, shungite is a great fertilizer for any crop and plant. Just like with humans, shungite gives your crops its best healing and protective properties. One of the most vivid examples of using shungite powder as a fertilizer, according to the farmers who have been using it for years, is substantially increased growth and fruitfulness. Crops suffer much less from diseases related damages, and shungite does its best to repair damaged tissues and bring a plant back to normal. Shungite has so much positive elements in its chemical composition which are essential for a healthy growth, such as phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium.


        Secondly, shungite is a very effective heat conductor and keeper. That is why, especially in colder regions, it is essential for keeping crops warm at night. During the day, deep black color of shungite powder, which is mostly used in agriculture, attracts warm sunlight like nothing else, and thanks to its powerful physical characteristics is able to sustain the warmth long enough for crops healthy and protected. The same goes for humidity regulation.


        Also, shungite’s protective and cleansing properties can create a shield around your crops that will keep them safe from dangerous chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Just like with water filtering, shungite doesn’t let toxic element get further and can actually take positive components out of these chemicals while destroying negative ones. The chemicals will still do their job on the outside, killing pests and doing everything else they do, but they will never get through shungite powder on the ground.


Nature is always the best


        Modern agronomists opt to use shungite in their work because they will always choose something that is transparent and clean. Shungite’s composition is well-known, you can always look it up. We, as the sellers of shungite always know where it comes from and what’s its chemical composition is, contrary to many chemical fertilizers, which origin you cannot be sure of. Shungite is of course is not as accessible as a lot of natural fertilizers that you can get simply by leading a farmer’s life (ash, compost, manure, etc.), however it possesses much more unique positive properties so it is not so interchangeable.


Ways to do it


        Usually, shungite powder is used to fertilize the land twice in a season – first at a time of sowing, to strengthen the fresh soil, or to restore the soil that was used before, and second time after harvest to make sure the soil will be fruitful the next season. But there are different situations during the season when shungite powder is also essential, such as sudden frosts or stable cold weather to gather at least some heat. Greenhouse plants are advised to be always grown with shungite powder if there is a lack of warmth. As we have mentioned, shungite protects your crops from negative effects of chemicals, so if you are using those, make sure you have shungite powder as a shield against their harm. The optimal proportion is 400-500 grams (0,88-1,1 lbs.) of shungite powder on one square meter (10,76 square feet) of soil.


        So if you are looking for a new way to improve the abundance of your crops and its overall health, shungite powder can be a perfect solution. Agronomists who are using it say that the fertility of their crops increased by 20-40%. Purchase shungite powder and cement the health of your crops with the nature of the North.

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