Essential Shungite Stone Benefits and Properties

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      Shungite stone is a massively effective healing tool and it is used by a large amount of people around the world for various purposes. That immense popularity comes from natural shungite healing and protective properties. However, healing and protection are not the only tasks which shungite is capable of achieving.


      Thanks to fullerenes, a unique type of molecules with a special atomic bond, shungite crystal is able to give you its many benefits. Fullerenes occur extremely rare in nature, that is why shungite properties stand out so much from every other crystal’s properties. If you use shungite you can greatly benefit from what it can do, both in physical and metaphysical meaning. So, what are these unique shungite benefits that can help you so much?


Shungite water


      When we talk about shungite healing properties, the first thing which comes to mind is its ability to filter contaminated water. Thanks to aforementioned fullerenes shungite is able to eliminate up to 95% of negative harmful bacteria from your drinking water. Moreover, shungite possesses antioxidant capability and an ability to target free radicals. Apart from purifying your drinking water, shungite also enriches it with a plethora of positive elements – a gift from rich composition of shungite, which includes such elements and Calcium, Iron, Zinc and many more.


      Shungite water has plenty of positive effects on a human body – mainly connected to physical healing abilities of shungite. Shungite water is a must-have when it comes to treating digestive system disorders, cardiovascular ailments, respiratory diseases, stimulating immune system. Shungite water promotes relaxation and restoration of your body and mind, which can help ease the effects of mental issues and emotional pain. Finally, metaphysically, shungite water can help you balance your energy flows and motivate you for daily routine. Note that elite shungite might be more effective in water cleansing than regular shungite stones, so that is usually our first choice when we want to get down to shungite water purification.


EMF protection


      The second most famous shungite property is connected entirely to technological progress in our everyday lives – shungite protection against electromagnetic fields (or EMF). EMF are produce by every electrical device and gadget you have. Most notably these include your phone, laptop, tablet, PC, TV, microwave and so on. The amount of electromagnetic radiation we have in our lives today may become extremely harmful in long term. The effects of this amount of EMF exposure are not yet clear in modern day since it is an uncharted territory, however some studies have already shown the connection between EMF and dangerous diseases. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes, that why there is a need for protection against EMF.


      Shungite can become just that. Again, thanks to a unique fullerene structure, shungite is able to become a sponge for a number of harmful influences in your environment. Shungite shields you from harmful EMF radiation, dramatically decreasing the amount of waves near its vicinity. You can protect yourself from EMF with a plethora of shungite goods: shungite decorative items will protect your household, carrying smaller items and raw stones will help you shield yourself and shungite phone stickers will help you decrease the amount of EMF coming from a specific gadget. Shungite 5G shielding capabilities are also high – you can substantially reduce the amount of millimeter waves (MMW) around you without decreasing the quality of your mobile service.


Healing by touch


      Healthy and positive shungite composition can give you a lot in terms of healing – and providing you with strong health is one of the key shungite stone benefits. Placing shungite items over your problematic spots can relief pain and fasten the restoration process. Restoration and rejuvenation is one of the major shungite properties, that is why shungite stone is of great help when you need to reduce joint or muscle ache, repair minor tissue damage or reduce the effects of certain ailments.


      The same goes for shungite water – applying in externally has just as many effects as consuming it. It does a lot of positive things for all of your body systems, however the most visible effects are on your skin. Shungite water can aid you in battling such issues as acne and comedo among other skin irregularities. Regular appliance of shungite water can help you keep your skin refreshed and prevent premature aging. Shungite water keeps you energized and in great mood, which, coupled with shungite EMF protection eliminates the possibility of heavy depression, anxiety and insomnia. It can also be combined with a natural components of the North to bring you shungite cosmetic items for any need and purpose.



Crystal healing


      On a metaphysical plain, shungite is a valuable part of crystal healing. Its soothing nature is perfect for meditations, defining your intentions for the process and clearing up your goals. With a great awareness that shungite is able to give you, you will be able to see a much clearer path to achieving these goals step by step. Moreover, shungite is able to protect you from a plethora of negative influences around you, such as negative energy and geopathic stress. You can achieve that by placing shungite items around your home or even creating a protective crystal grid.


      Another important property that shungite possesses is its ability to stimulate the Root Chakra. Thanks to that, you will not only be protected from threats but also will have a chance to reconnect with the Earth and all things natural. Besides that, the Root Chakra keeps all other Chakras in check, so with a regular Root Chakra balancing you will be able to bring balance to all areas of your everyday life.


     So these are the major properties of every shungite piece. You can enjoy them every day by using various shungite items in our catalogue. Purchase shungite and bring health and balance into your life!

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