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      Shungite healing is not a quick process, yet it is a relatively simple one. Shungite’s wonderful properties never rest and work 24/7 to bring you only the best from the world of crystal healing, both physical and spiritual. All you actually need to do is to take simple steps regularly to keep those positive properties in your everyday life. In other words, you need to develop new habits that will let you enjoy the full spectrum of shungite healing without even thinking about it. We at Karelian Heritage have developed easy to follow shungite habit tracker that you can download and use every day.


      It is crucial that you use shungite products regularly and don’t forget about it. Shungite habit tracker does just that – it doesn’t let you forget. It has 4 weeks of a month with 4 blank spots for every crucial shungite habit (which we will tell you about below) under each day of the week. So, every day when you go about your day and enjoy these shungite habits you should make marks every time you do a shungite activity from our list. Once your day has 4 marks in it, you’ll know that you are finished with your shungite habits for the day and you didn’t forget anything.


      Of course, if you are too sensitive to shungite or have recommendations from your doctor and are enjoying shungite healing not continuously but with small breaks, you should continue to do that, for example a week long break every two weeks. That is totally acceptable as long as you fully commit to these 4 shungite habits for the duration of your healing period. So, what are these 4 immensely crucial shungite habits?

  1. EMF and 5G protection

      As shungite presents you a perfect natural protection from electromagnetic fields and 5G radiation, you should use this opportunity every chance you get. You can safely fill every blank space devoted to this habit if you have a shungite sticker on your phone (or other gadget) or if you keep your phone on shungite phone stand. However, if you use other shungite items for EMF protection, for example elite shungite stones or shungite jewelry items you should make sure to wear them or carry them with you for a large portion of the day. After that you can make a mark that you’ve completed the first habit of the day.

  1. Shungite water

      Another natural ability of shungite which give us a huge amount of healing and restoration is its ability to filter water. Shungite not only eliminates toxic and negative elements from water yet also enrich it with positive elements from shungite’s composition. All of this greatly influences your body systems, especially digestive and cardiovascular ones. However, as we’ve said before, your habits should be regular and that is especially true about shungite water. So we advise you to drink at least 2 liters of shungite water every day (or 8 glasses). After that, you will be done with this habit until the next day.

  1. Spiritual Development

      Apart from physical healing shungite can provide you with extensive spiritual capabilities. Shungite is a great tool of grounding, relaxation and protection from negative metaphysical influences. It stimulates the Root chakra that in turn stimulates the whole Chakra system and keeps your body’s energy in check. Moreover, shungite is a great tool for manifestation of your intentions and desires. All you have to do to get it right is to define them for your healing process and meditate on them each day for 10-15 minutes with a shungite item in your hand. You can pick shungite spheres, harmonizers, stones or any other items you feel comfortable with. This 10 minutes will give you another mark in your habit tracker.


  1. Health & Beauty

      Shungite has an ability to influence your health not only through protection from EMF and purification of water, but also with touch. Shungite’s composition is full of positive elements like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, etc., which can help you treat you a number of issues and disorders, for example skin disorders and joint and muscle pains. Numerous shungite cosmetic products can help you achieve this healing and restoration. There are shungite hair care products, shungite face care products, hand care, foot care and skin care products. You can easily incorporate these products into your daily hygiene and beauty routine. Once you do that, you can mark the fourth habit each morning.


      So this is our simple shungite habit tracker and we hope that it will your live healthier and more fulfilling. Tell us in the comments which other shungite habits you enjoy every day. Purchase shungite and bring the healing energy of the North into your life!


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