Egyptian Postures of Power with Shungite Harmonizers

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      As you may have learned already, the use of shungite might benefit a number of traditional sacred practices. It is great for Chakra balancing and meditations; it is a great spiritual addition to traditional Celtic runes and symbols or Feng Shui system. That may be due to the fact that the shungite itself is an ancient stone and it has deep connection to the Earth and all the living beings on it. The energy of the Earth plays a huge role in all of these beliefs and practices so it is easy to see how shungite is able to benefit these different practices. Today we will look at another cultural phenomenon, this time from ancient Egypt, the land of pharaohs and pyramids.


      Aside from pharaohs and pyramids, ancient Egypt was a home to its own unique pantheon of gods. You may have seen already that we use some symbols connected to the beliefs of ancient Egypt in our shungite products, such as the Eye of Horus and the Ankh, let alone numerous shungite pyramids, which sacred symbolism comes directly from the Egyptian pyramids. It also brought us such mysterious artifacts as scarabs, hieroglyphs and mummification which are the staples of the movies and TV shows about Egypt. The massive conquests and prosperity of ancient Egyptian Kingdoms left a huge architectural legacy, starting from aforementioned great pyramids of Gaza and the Sphinx to the voluminous temples of Luxor with its gargantuan statues of gods and pharaohs (which were considered to be the sons of god Ra) in the powerful postures. And it is exactly these postures which are the main focus for us today.


      These postures were found not just in the form of statues. They were used as hieroglyphs in the writing system of the ancient Egypt and used as ornaments, both outdoors and indoors. But what made them so fascinating for Egyptians of the old and for people who seek spiritual growth of today? Well, there is an answer for that. It is what they represent, the wisdom of each deity depicted in these postures. Similar to Greek or Roman gods which are more recognizable to people of the Western world, each Egyptian god was responsible for a certain phenomenon of life.  There were gods which represented elements (earth, air, water and fire), cosmic bodies (the Sun, stars) or different aspects of human life (war, hunt, hearth, joy, death). There were also some gods who were specific for the realities of the time and place (god-beneficiary of the pharaoh, god of the desert, god of the Nile, gods of Necropolis). This way the postures of gods are closely connected to the functions of said gods.


      However, overall these postures promote spiritual growth, knowledge and understanding, as well of as ancient wisdom.  If you wonder, how Egyptian postures can help in your spiritual journey, the answer is simple.  These postures can be used in meditation. Just copy the posture you select for yourself and stand in it. Remember, that even though these postures are powerful and menacing, you should remain relaxed and calm. You should never enter a posture in a stressful state or under an anxiety since it can block the energy flows and disrupt your connection to the representation of the posture. how-to-use-shungite-harmonizers


      Standing in a posture will give you a tremendously powerful flow of energy. Again, postures of different gods have different purposes and functions, so study the deity (or a pharaoh) you will select carefully in order to know what his/her image stands for. However, all of them inspire such qualities as ambition, creativity, promote emotional health and awareness and grant you a passage to mother Earth and the experience and wisdom of countless generations of human history. The Egyptian postures are a great means to achieve balance between your physical and spiritual bodies as well as you balance with nature.


      To ensure their connection with the representation of the posture ancient Egyptians used healing rods made from different minerals. A lot of images of Egyptian postures even show gods and pharaohs holding these rods, one in each hand. So the sacred tradition of using healing rods was seen by Egyptians as something god-given and using them was considered to be essential for spiritual connections. Two rods represented the duality of nature: the notions of ba and ka which stand for two polar opposites of energy. The ka cylinder was held in right hand and represented solar energy and the masculine nature of energy, while ba was held in left hand and represented lunar and feminine energy. This duality can be seen in many other cultures (e.g. yin yang) and these traditions of meditations can be traced right to the 21st century, as there are a number of people who pursue them.


      Nowadays we don’t exactly know which stones were used by the ancient Egyptians in their meditations, but we have found the combination that meet the requirements and descriptions of energy flows. We use a combination of shungite and soapstone. Shungite goes in left hand as it stands for feminine nature of energy and balances energy flow in the lower part of the body, while soapstone stands for masculine energy and stabilizes energy flows in the upper body. As we have said at the beginning of this article, shungite has deep connections to the energy of the Earth and has a number of powerful spiritual and healing properties. That is why we chose this force of nature as the main component of the meditations and added soapstone to the mix as it is the polar opposite of shungite.


      So now that you know about the importance of healing rods and Egyptian postures of power in meditation, we hope it can revitalize your spiritual practices and bring something new to the table to make your healing and spiritual growth even more effective. Purchase shungite healing rods and acquire ancient wisdom and might of the most powerful spirits of the old!

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