Ease Your Coronavirus Quarantine with the Help of Shungite

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      Coronavirus is the biggest threat humanity has faced in a long time and we couldn’t even have imagined that we would ever live through this kind of devastating event. The harmful effects of COVID-19 pandemic will follow us for some time in the future yet we sincerely hope that this time will be short. We pray for the lives of people who are currently infected and wish them quick full recovery and mourn those, who we have already lost to this terrible disease. In these stressful times we are trying to reach for any silver lining there is, and for us this silver lining has always been shungite.


      DISCLAIMER: We are by no means implying that shungite is some kind of miraculous remedy against coronavirus, and we strongly advise to rely on medical help of competent bodies in your area as your first priority. We are simply telling you how shungite stone can help you in some ways during quarantine based on its documented properties and our personal experience. For us, shungite has been a great help through major troubles and changes and we just want to share this knowledge with you. However, with the first symptoms of coronavirus, go see a doctor and stay home, stay isolated!


The element of life


      The first thing that we always say about shungite that might be important at times like these is that it is a cleansing and purifying stone. Thanks to fullerenes, from which shungite is comprised of, it is able to get rid of majority amount of bacteria and toxic elements in water, and enrich water with a plethora of positive elements in its composition, which can greatly benefit your organism. You can use shungite water for drinking, cooking or implement it into your everyday hygiene routine, for example washing your hands with it.


      Consuming shungite water will strengthen your body systems, especially digestive, respiratory and immune systems and applying it externally will treat minor tissue injuries and rejuvenate your skin, apart from just being the purest decontaminated water. Making shungite water is very simple, simply put 150-200 grams of regular shungite stones (or 50-70 grams of elite shungite stones) in one liter of water and leave it for six hours and your shungite water will be ready. It is not the cure from coronavirus, but it will surely strengthen your body in this dangerous period of time.


Decrease the workload of your immune system


      During this difficult times we should be afraid not only of coronavirus itself, but also all the other diseases that are lurking around, as we see the number of cases of flu and other respiratory illnesses also has increased drastically since the beginning of the year. So we need to make sure that our immune system is working efficiently on making sure we can battle these viruses, especially if we are already sick. So the thing to here is to minimize the amount of outside threats we face every day, and we believe that shungite is able to do that.


      Shungite is a major protective stones in the field of crystal healing, that is why it can shield us from a number of outside threats and ease the workload of our immune system. First of all, it is of course the harm of electromagnetic fields (or simply EMF), and shungite’s effectiveness against them thanks to its fullerene structure is well-documented by numerous studies, so if our body will be protected from this threat, it can acquire strength to battle other, more immediate dangers to our immune system.


      Yet these physical threats are not the only ones. We strongly believe, that shungite is able to battle a large amount of metaphysical dangers as well, thanks to its deep connection to the Root Chakra and the Earth itself. These dangers include geopathic stress and huge influxes of negative energy that are ever present today because of depressing atmosphere which flows around everywhere. This can affect your mood, mental health and general state of health.


      To ensure that you are unaffected by all of that during your staying at home you can place shungite items for protection of your household around your home, such as shungite pyramids, cubes, spheres and figurines, and carry shungite items for personal protection, like shungite stones or shungite jewelry, every time you need to leave your house to get the necessary supplies.


Calm your mind


      An important activity, which can prevent you from mental breakdown during this stressful times of quarantine is exercising and meditation. Shungite can give you its soothing and calming energy and is a perfect supplement to meditations or yoga. You can simply hold a shungite piece in your hand, whatever is the most comfortable for you: shungite harmonizers, spheres, etc. It will calm your mind and clear your intentions and goals, both in professional and personal life. For example, it can make you more focused to work at home, as we know that not everybody is comfortable to work under these conditions.


      Stay strong, stay at home and see a doctor at the first symptoms of coronavirus. We only hope that shungite can help you with its properties to ease your everyday routine during quarantine. Write in the comments how you implement crystal healing and shungite into your quarantine days and remember, that the nature of the North and Karelia is always on your side.



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