Don’t Lose Yourself: Grounding Explained!

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        The ever-growing fast pace of modern life can become a drag if we fail to do something about it. Stress, anxiety, depression – all these and many more problems are constantly lurking around us waiting to attack when we are unprotected. And in the end all of that can lead to serious health problems, both mental and physical. That is why it is important to find our footing and awareness, which will help us to better assess our current state, relax and deal with our problems. One way to do is through grounding. However, the subject of grounding is still mysterious and misunderstood, so today we will try our best to shed more light on this topic.


Riddle me this – how do I ground myself?


        Well, what we have said about finding our footing may be literal in some way for grounding – and it is in the name. Grounding is a technique, which aim is to achieve unity and connection with the earth – one of the major elements of life. A lot of our issues that we have to deal regularly comes from our inability to grasp this connection, basically because we float over ground in the clouds and cannot comprehend the severity of these issues and their consequences. And these consequences that usually lead to stress and other problems. We rush from one thing to another nonstop and that prevents us from seeing clear picture. And grounding is the way to become able to see it.


        And fast pace of the modern world is not the only reason for issues in life. It may be negative energy that we get from places, events and people. Or a kind of trauma or injury that leaves a mark on us that we cannot overcome. It can be both extraordinary and banal – general fatigue is also very destabilizing. Usually these symptoms help to define the need for grounding – constant dizziness, clumsiness, tiredness, insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety, paranoia and agitation. However, these problems, severe as they are, are piece of cake for our planet, which has seen millennia of knowledge, wisdom and energy, which it loves to share with its inhabitants.  Earth energy is believed to be a great source of inspiration, awareness and balance in many cultures, including Chakra system. There are several ways you can achieve grounding with different efficiency,


Reach out and touch the Earth


        The easiest way to bring the energy of the earth into your life is by simply touching it directly with your feet. Today, of course, it is hard to imagine someone in the city with his/her feet bare and enjoying their grounding, but in the countryside it can be very liberating to just let yourself go and fully embrace the natural energy of the earth. Even after one day of constant connection to the Earth you may feel much better, grab your footing and go about your life peacefully for some time before you will need another recharge.


        However, there may be a situation in your life, when you cannot indulge yourself in such a simple activity as walking barefoot. What if busy city life has such a tight hold on you, that you cannot find time to go to the countryside? Or if you live in a cold region with low temperature, and walking barefoot can actually be dangerous? Well, there is always a solution if you wish find connection with the earth – after all, it is everywhere around us.


        One of the most effective ways to do it is through meditations. Meditation can always take you out of the business and everyday routine and do the main thing in grounding – literally ground you in the present moment. Remember what your main intention for a meditation is and get away from everything for 15-20 minutes a day. During meditation it is useful to repeat an affirmation in your mind, which helps to reach your goal. For example, “I am calm, centered and peaceful”, “I am present” or “I stay grounded and easily adapt to any situation”. This way you can always maintain your grounded state every day or at any other rate you wish.


Here you go, crystals!


        Even more effective is to add to your meditation some means which will greatly improve on it. That would be numerous crystals, rocks and minerals, which carry the energy of the earth 

inside. Every crystal has a set of unique healing and protective properties, which will be beneficial for your general state and increase your awareness and presence. You can simply hold crystals in your hands during meditation, and outside meditation, crystals help you 24/7. Carry them with you everywhere, wear them as jewelry or create intricate crystal grids at your home and crystals will make sure you never lose your footing.


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor



        Here are some of the best crystals to use for grounding:



        1. Quartz has really strong grounding vibes and its diversity always brings something special into the mix.


       2. Garnet is able not only to ground you but also protect you efficiently against harmful influences daily.


        3. Hematite is often used as an ultimate grounding stone and it is highly beneficial in achieving balance between your personal and professional lives.


        4. Jasper has a really strong connection with the earth and it is so universal that it will also reenergize, revitalize and heal you.


        5. Shungite is our personal favorite when it comes to grounding. This stone has spent 2 billion years in the ground, so it knows a thing or two about being connected to the earth, and it is always willing to share the energy of the earth that is amassed inside it. Spiritually, it heavily stimulates the Root Chakra, which main focus is your connection with the earth’s energy. The stone brings you clarity, wisdom and awareness, so it becomes easier to overcome obstacles in your daily life and reach your goals. The diversity of shungite products make it so much simpler to use it on a regular basis. You can carry small stones with you for constant comprehensive grounding or wear shungite jewelry, such as shungite bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings to add beauty and style into the combination. Shungite decorative items, like pyramids, spheres, cubes and figurines will make sure that you experience grounding processes at your home all the time, items like shungite harmonizers will balance out and stabilize your energy and life processes and shungite point can serve as a conduit of energy between the earth and the divine. There is so much more you can do with shungite and its products will suit every need and wish there is.


        Grounding is a really simple practice to implement in your life and you can do it without any strain on your current affairs but it will surely make your routine more thoughtful. Purchase shungite to experience grounding at its best with the best of Karelian nature!

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