Discover New Alternative Medicine Techniques: Reiki Pyramid Healing

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        Even though crystal healing is our major forte, we always look for some other awesome trends in alternative medicine, which we can indulge ourselves with. This planet holds so much knowledge and wisdom and you can’t know it all, so we are learning one piece at a time. Especially since all these magnificent alternative medicine practices and techniques are dispersed around the world and take time and reliable experts to get acquainted with. Today we are going to Japan to learn more about the mysterious reiki technique.


Domo Arigato


        Reiki is a Japanese word that consists of two parts – “rei”, which means “spirit”, and “ki”, which means “vital energy” (similar to Chinese “chi”). And that is what it is all about – the influence on one’s spiritual state through the life force energy. The technique isn’t that old, as many other practices of alternative medicine, it was developed in 1922.  Its main idea is that the life force of every living being can be manipulated in order to treat illnesses and improve both physical and mental health. And more than that, the state of one’s life force determines the state of his/her physical body.


        In general, reiki is often refered to as “palm healing”, since the practice mostly involves touching your body in troublesome areas with palms. Reiki must be performed by a trained reiki master, so it is impossible to do by yourself. It works this way: if your body is low on life force energy, it starts to deteriorate. You can easily get sick, both with the common cold and with much more serious diseases. Once your body gets worse, your spirit follows: you start to experience depression, stress, anxiety, panic, high fatigue, mood swings, etc. Reiki masters, in turn, are high on life force energy, and during reiki sessions, they will transfer it to you with their palms by placing them at certain areas of you body. In result, you will start to recover from diseases and generally feel better. Other effects include reducing chronic pains, psychological stress caused by traumas, side effects from medication, reducing post-surgery recovery time and other. Also, reiki promotes deep relaxation, which will help you to see things more clearly and find your footing.




        When it comes to keeping your life force in check by yourself, reiki masters have unvirsal advices on everyday behavior and interpersonal relationships. They are: don’t be angry, don’t be worried, thank every living thing, earn your living honestly and respect elders and your close ones. Reiki masters believe that if you abide by these rules every day from the moment you are awake until you go to sleep, your life force will be sustained by your good deeds and mental stability.


Pyramids are in this year


        Another way to experience reiki by yourself is through reiki pyramid. Reiki masters believe that some spiritual objects can store life force energy within itself and pyramidal objects are among the top objects which can do that. And it’s no wonder – pyramidal shape was always considered to be sacred. The most famous pyramids on our planet, the Egyptian pyramids, were built just with that in mind. They were planned to be conduits between the world of living, the underworld and the divine. That is why the sarcophagi were placed at the very base and the edges of pyramids were intersecting at the highest point facing the sun, the embodiment of god Ra.


        In more modern beliefs, pyramids are considered to be so important for their energy storage, since they can acquire the grounding energy of the earth thanks to its large base and the inner edges of a pyramid deflect energy and keep it contained within. That is why pyramid is so important to Reiki masters – it takes ki directly from our planet and doesn’t let go. Even holding your hand over an image of a pyramid can be helpful in a spiritual way, according to reiki adepts, however naturally the physical pyramid is much more effective.


How can I experience reiki technique at home?


        All you need to do is to get a pyramid made of an element which has a deep connection to the Earth and has powerful grounding property, for example, shungite pyramid. Shungite has spent 2 billion years in the ground and a large number of people are already using it regularly to achieve grounding. More than that, shungite is believed to stimulate the Root chakra, and in Indian culture it is connected to the energy of the Earth.


        Once you have got your personal pyramid, first thing you have to do is to charge it yourself, since you can never be sure in what shape it was shipped to you. There are plenty of ways to do it – by holding it under the sunlight or moonlight, by keeping it in the ground for a day, by exposing it to fire, etc. When your pyramid is charged you can start practicing reiki with it.


        Remember that reiki is all about touching and transferring life force energy with hands. If you visit a reiki master, he/she will be an energy subject, and if you decide to do it by yourself, your pyramid will act as one. What you need to do is to place your palm over the tip of your pyramid and visualize how life force energy is flowing into you. This will give you a boost on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plains. If you wish to treat a certain area of your body you can place your pyramid over it and visualize how ki is treating it. You can do it for 10-15 minutes a day and make a week-long breakes every two weeks. However, if you are visiting a reiki master, always consult with him/her how often you should practice it.


        This world holds many mysteries when it comes to spiritual healing and we are happy to discover new ones and share it with you. Try shungite pyramids for reiki healing and tell us about your experience!

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