Detox Habits for 2020 Holidays with Shungite!

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The holiday season is coming fast once again, yet with this dreadful year we are actually glad that it has passed so quickly (at least for some people). Just as it is every year, we are extremely happy that we get to experience wonderful holidays again, to feel famous Christmas magic and start the New Year again, bringing necessary changes to the “new” us. Spiritually, there are a lot of different crystal healing rituals, that will help you to improve your life together with shungite, and we will surely tell you all about them, however, there are also some much earthlier and physical precautions that we need to take during busy holiday season. Today we are going to tell you what you should definitely look after in order to detox your body effectively. Stay till the end to learn how shungite will help you in this endeavor.




Watch your mouth


One of the most common problems that we face during a period of frequent family gatherings is that we are constantly eating in large amounts. Sadly for our stomachs, holiday culture around the world includes massive dinners with food, that is often difficult for our digestion. Moreover, in such a social environment and with nearly infinite supply of food it is usually hard to track when our bellies are full and it is time to stop eating. That is why we often face overeating exactly after we visit our family for Christmas. The symptoms of overeating are not very harsh: indigestion, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, fatigue and exhaustion cannot harm you more than one evening. Yet as with many health problems, the silent symptoms await their hour and strike as we get older. Results of incorrect nutrition may be very serious: ulcers, gastritis, obesity, cardiovascular disorders and so on.


Even outside of large feasts, the nutritional patterns on holidays often suffer due to us resting from work for some time and not having any kind of timetable. You probably know the story: you are sitting at home, simply watch TV and constantly take walks to your fridge to take a bite out of something. This lazy eating, paired with holiday dinners have such a negative result on your health and appearance, that you’ll wonder how a couple of days off can cost you so much. So all you have to do during your much deserved holidays is to keep your nutrition easy, keep track of what you are consuming, drink a lot of water and all in all look after how much you consume. We know that the temptation is great, yet, after all, our bodies are only our responsibility.



Devil in the bottle


And talking about responsibility, holiday season is a time of the year when there is a high possibility that we will at one point end up with a drink in our hand. In small doses, alcohol doesn’t do much harm, yet in a joyful holiday atmosphere it is very easy to forget yourself and have one drink too many, which is especially dangerous for people with addictive behavior, and what became as a holiday season may end up to be a binge-drinking season. Binge-drinking doesn’t imply that alcohol consumption is in small doses, so it is very dangerous for your body. Alcohol intoxication causes a large amount of lethal diseases, including cancer, heart attacks and strokes.


So if you have an intention to detox before/during/after holidays, then your alcohol consumption should be at minimal levels. This will not only make a strain on your body less severe, it will also make you holidays more productive, as you will be energetic and sober every day and not suffering from a hangover lying in bed all day. Abstinence from alcohol also lessens the chance of smoking relapse, shielding you from this kind of intoxication as well. If you worry that refusing alcohol will affect your social life, you can always replace alcoholic beverages with their non-alcoholic counterparts, like beer or wine. Thankfully, we live in wonderful time and a lot of options are available to us.



Detox your body with crystals


If the first two tips are more of a passive type, the last one will allow you to take you detoxification in your own hands. The easiest way to get your body rid of toxins and unwanted elements is by drinking crystal elixirs. These are the kind of drinks which are made on the basis of crystal-infused water, with addition of different fruits, herbs, berries, etc., which add different flavors to your crystal elixir. You should take a crystal for your crystal elixir according to your own intentions for your crystal healing. For example, you can use rose quartz if you wish to influence your love life or amethyst if you wish to find calm and relaxation. We love to use shungite in our crystal elixirs due to a number of reasons. Spiritually, shungite is able to stimulate the Root Chakra, which in turn has a positive effect on the whole Chakra system. This will bring you positive energy to be active during these cold winter days and maintain fast pace of life even during your days off, while giving you relaxation in the evening, along with many other effects.


Physically, shungite water possesses a lot of positive elements, which enrich your daily water consumption and improve many systems of your body. The most important are its positive effects on the digestion, which, combined with our first two tips will help you to get rid of toxins in your digestive system. With this complex cleansing using shungite elixir you can enter new year with new habits and create a whole new nutrition routine.


Our best recipe for shungite water cocktail is very easy yet it never fails to deliver – water and lime. With it you will find, that crystal healing and shungite healing hold many possibilities for self-improvement and development. Purchase shungite and discover only the best healing from the nature of the North.

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