Depression Is Not My Profession: 5 Crystals Which Will Help You Battle It

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        Depression is a silent killer that can just eat us from inside and it’s no wonder why today it is such an important issue and we try our best to avoid it. The dreadful feeling of being depressed is nothing to joke about, even though we like to exaggerate any sadness with the word “depression”. However, the real depression might take weeks of your time and thousands of dollars to cure with a trained specialist, and if you’ve been diagnosed with depression that is definitely what you should do. But of course, being the crystal lovers we are we could not get past the crystal healing effects on the mental health. A lot of crystals influence the metaphysical field and go through your physical body to impact emotional and spiritual ones. Today we will take a closer look at those rocks and minerals that can help you with keeping your depression in check.


1. Shungite


        It should be known to you by now that this incredibly powerful rock from Karelia can do wonders to your health. Usually, when we talk about shungite, we mostly mention its protective properties (like EMF protection) or water purification. However, most of its properties are directed towards normalization and stabilizing of our vital organism processes and mental health is a substantial chunk of it. The soothing energy of shungite is essential for rest and relaxation, so wearing it for personal crystal healing will make your calm evening a crucial break from stress and everyday routine. Drinking shungite water makes your mind clearer and it becomes easier to overcome difficult challenges and cope with tragedies and traumas. Moreover, shungite deeply impacts energy flows inside of you. To ventilate the negative energy out of your body you can make hot drinks on shungite water or massage your body with shungite massage stones.


2. Citrine


        The mineral connected to bright colors and literally named after lemon (lemon oils are actually great supplements for citrine meditations), it is the primary job for citrine to bring joy and happiness into your life. The important property of citrine is its ability to give you a sense of presence and awareness. This is crucial for letting go of your past traumatic experience and moving on with your life. Meditations with sage, citrine, and selenite are perfect for periods of heavy stress, depression, and anxiety.


3. Aventurine


        Aventurine is perfect for situations in which your depression is largely connected to your interpersonal relationships – loss of close ones, a crisis in communication, separation, and alienation; aventurine paves the way of solution for these kinds of problems or (in case the problem cannot be solved) for moving on with your life. These abilities of aventurine stem from its major property – it is the crystal of compassion and unconditional love. The best tactic if you are experiencing a depression related to another person is just to present aventurine (or an aventurine product) as a gift to said person. This will deepen the bond between you and this person even in troubled times.what-crystals-can-help-fight-depression


4. Smoky quartz


        Similar to shungite, smoky quartz is a crystal of protection. Just as it protects your physical body, it protects your emotional and mental state as well from most of the negative influences which can be found in your environment. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed by the events and people around you, you have lost your way, identity and you feel that you just don’t belong, smoky quartz will be able to give you a sense of direction, bring order and discipline in your day-to-day life and put you back on track. This way, your path towards your life goals will become smoother and more defined.


5. Amethyst


        Throughout the history it was believed that amethyst is able to cure drunkards of their addiction (hence the name – “not intoxicated” in Greek). Thus, if you are suffering from negative obsessions, addiction or you are under a harmful influence, amethyst would be your go-to crystal to infuse strength and backbone back into your body. More than that, its connection to the Heart Chakra makes it perfect for eliminating emotional pain and filling up the emptiness of a heart, as well as overall transforming negative energy flows into positive ones.


        As you see, there is a variety of stones and crystals you can use in your battle with depression. We would advise in favor of constant wearing of crystals as well as regular meditations. This way you will be able to purge the nasty feeling of depression out of your system and face a new day with confidence and a smile. Purchase rocks and minerals for crystal healing to feel happy and motivated every day!

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