Crystals and Astrology: Find the Best Crystal for Your Zodiac Sign!

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      Crystal healing often crosses its path with other popular spiritual techniques, practices and beliefs. Usually, crystal healing enhances the effects of these techniques and vice versa. We’ve decided to take a look at one of the most popular practices in the world – astrology. Today we are going to tell you which crystals are the most compatible with each Zodiac sign and what properties they bring to the table.


      Actually, in crystal healing there is also a term that is connected to your date of birth – birthstone. These are stones that tune in to your personal vibes the best and their properties are enhanced when you work with them. Just like your Zodiac sign, your birthstone is determined by the time you were born and you cannot change that.


      So, here are birthstones for each Zodiac sign:


      Aries. For Aries you can use such crystals as garnet, citrine and carnelian. These stones will bring you more confidence, awareness and energy. You will be able to achieve your goals with ease, overcoming any obstacles on your path. They will provide you with a clear picture of the world and give you all necessary power and strength to carry on.


      Taurus. If you wish to bring positivity and energy into Taurus’ life, you need to use peridot, pyrite or carnelian. They will help you get rid of negative energy and influences and allow you to follow your dreams and passions. Moreover, pyrite is a well-known source of wealth and abundance that comes with you achieving what you want.


      Gemini. To emphasize the best traits of a Gemini person you can use jade, quartz and carnelian. They will promote creative thinking, joyful and positive approach to everyday life and bring peace to this volatile Zodiac sign. These crystals can help a person find spiritual guidance and transform negative energy into productivity and passion.



      Cancer. If you wish to improve life of a Cancer it is best to stick to moonstone, red jasper or abalone shell. Moonstone provides much needed feminine energy and connects you to the larger cosmos through the Moon. Besides that, these crystal may help you do improve your body physically, mentally and emotionally.


      Leo. For Leo it is better to use garnet, tiger’s eye and shungite. They can fill you with energy to do great deeds with love and passion, yet they are also perfect for unwinding and grounding. The soothing energy of shungite is perfect for rest and relaxation after a busy day and it also protects you from negative energy and negative influences around you.


      Virgo. To enhance your life with crystals if you are a Virgo you can use jade, jasper and kyanite. Because they are all natural stones, they will help you to reestablish your connection to the Nature and the Earth. They also will be of great aid in balancing yourself and stabilizing different parts of your life.  Moreover, these crystals will be beneficial in your work with Chakra system.


      Libra. For improving daily routine of a Libra person you need to use labradorite, citrine and lapis lazuli. These crystal are perfect tools for giving you self-confidence and determination to do the right thing. You will be able to do the correct decisions with ease. They will also allow you to balance out negativity and positivity in your life as well as clear excess negativity.


      Scorpio. The crystals which work the best with Scorpios are amethyst, malachite and shungite. They help their owner to battle negative addictions and obsessions, bringing peace to troubled lives. Moreover, they may help in treating mental and emotional issues and transform negativity in Scorpio’s life into healing process as well as protect against future negativity.


      Sagittarius. The best crystals for this Zodiac sign are turquoise, citrine and bronzite. These are the best crystals for bringing positive changes into your life and starting your life with a clean slate. They are able to reconnect you with your environment and with people around you, giving your existing ties much needed reinvigoration.


      Capricorn. For Capricorn, it is better to start crystal healing with azurite, garnet and tourmaline. They give you an ability to reinvent yourself and for that they fill you up with positive energy and get rid of all of the negativity. Moreover, they promote open-mindedness and open your heart to new endeavors, especially in spiritual healing and development.


      Aquarius. To improve on the daily existence of an Aquarius, you should use jasper, aquamarine and shungite. These stones will make it possible for you to overcome traumatic experiences and let go of the past. They also are beneficial in establishing connection between body, mind and spirit to lead an exceptionally fulfilling life.


      Pisces. The best choice for Pisces when it comes to crystal healing are aquamarine, chrysocolla and amethyst. They provide you with calming and relaxing energy which will help you unwind and slow down despite the fast pace of our lives. Besides that, these crystals are beneficial for understanding your emotions and feelings and expressing them.


      With this little list you can always easily pick crystals that suit you the best for your crystal healing and spiritual development. Write in the comments what else you wish to learn about the world of crystal healing. Purchase shungite and other crystals to get only the best from the Earth!



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