Crystal Phone Wallpaper & June 2019 Calendar by Karelian Heritage

Posted by Karelian_Heritage 02/06/2019 4 Comment(s)


Download Calendar 1   /   Download Calendar 2



Download Calendar 3   /   Download Calendar 4



Download Calendar 5   /   Download Calendar 6



Download Calendar 7   /   Download Calendar 8

4 Comment(s)


Great wallpaper calendars, do you have 2020 ?

Karelian Heritage:
28/06/2019, 04:57:36 PM

Dear June, thank you for your comment. We make calendar wallpapers every month, so we do not have wallpapers for 2020 yet. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Sharon Gore:
29/07/2019, 07:50:38 PM,

Thanks for the beautiful wallpapers. You are really talented. Please continue to do this things forever. I love it.

Karelian Heritage:
09/08/2019, 04:25:49 PM

Dear Sharon, thank you for your comment. We are delighted that you like our Crystal wallpapers, thank you for using them! Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Mateo Pedersen:
02/09/2019, 10:31:13 PM

Love your free printable calendars! Are you going to be putting out the printable 2020 soon? I love to plan ahead! We use them at home and where I work!

Karelian Heritage:
06/09/2019, 03:47:50 PM

Dear Mateo, thank you for your comment. Thank you for using our wallpapers! We will keep making them every month. Wallpapers for 2020 will be available only in 2020. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

raman singh:
03/01/2020, 03:46:26 PM

Loving these calendars, Do you the same for 2020?

Karelian Heritage:
09/01/2020, 02:20:56 PM

Dear Raman, thank you for your comment. We post crystal calendars every month in our blog. The January calendar is available now: Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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