Crystal Diary: Crystals For Male Energy

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        Crystal healing has given so much to different people around the world, but we can’t help but notice, that the majority of people who are using crystals are women. And there is nothing wrong with that, of course, though it is a pity that men are missing out on such a wonderful practice which gives us plenty of opportunities in terms of healing, protection and spiritual development. However, in our office men do enjoy crystal healing routine and are very happy about it. We would like to share a variant of weekly diary, which will explain, what crystals are more preferable each day of the week, what can they give you in terms of balance of feminine and masculine energy and how you can use them.


        Monday – Tourmaline


        Monday has a bad reputation of being the worst day of the week, which is completely untrue. It is all in our perception and intentions. Tourmaline is just the stone to get you straight and meet challenges of a new week without any suffering. It provides you with strength and self-assurance which every man still needs (sorry if we are being too traditional). A lot of people like to reset themselves when a new week comes, and tourmaline is a perfect stone to see your purpose and set intentions. However, if a man is struggling with his emotions and communication, tourmaline will help to bring little of femininity and open up, talk it out. On Monday it is better to begin your crystal routine right in the morning, or even at night, having a tourmaline piece nearby while you are sleeping.


        Tuesday – Malachite


        As the week progresses, we need to give more and more attention to our routine and to people in our lives. Men can have a hard time communicating since they often base their action on logic rather than emotions and lock themselves from people due to fear of taking responsibility that they clearly see and unwillingness of someone interfering with their life. Malachite is often seen as a crystal of love, and that is the main thing that it will bring into man’s life. And it is not only romantic love, it is more general affection to every human being, that can smooth out every relationship you have. Carry malachite in your pocket for a day and you will find it easier to deal with colleagues, make friends and lovers.


        Wednesday – Pyrite



        Once you have strengthened your personal relationships, the next thing you need to take a look at is your professional life. It is important for a man to have a footing in life from which he can conduct everyday business and usually this footing comes in shape of financial wealth. Pyrite is a mineral that attracts just that, even though it has been dubbed “fool’s gold” by our ancestors. It is more complex, of course, than just raining money from the sky on you. Pyrite gives you an ability to make better financial and business decisions and gives you much-needed motivation to be tough and fight for what you think is right. As pyrite is very much business-related, it is better to put it at your workspace for a day and use its energy there.


        Thursday – Tiger’s eye


        Being financially proficient and ambitious are not the only things that you need to succeed professionally. You also need to be creative, think outside of the box and be able to come up with new and fresh ideas regularly. Tiger’s eye is a stone that can help you overcome creative obstacles, writer’s block and a feeling of being stuck in the rut. This stone is not only for men in creative professions since every trade in the world needs creative thinking to succeed. You can simply switch pyrite on your desk for tiger’s eye for Thursday, especially if you need an influx of its properties.


        Friday – Amethyst


        Friday is the opposite of Monday; it is often considered to be the best day of the week. We finish up our work and go home for a long rest and sometimes we need to ground ourselves in reality to make some recap of the past week to comprehend our desires and intentions. Amethyst is a stone that can provide this grounding, understanding and awareness. More than that, Friday is often a day of partying, and a lot of men indulge themselves in negative habits and addictions, such as hard-drinking. Amethyst is famous for being the crystal against addictions, after all, its name literally means “not intoxicate” in ancient Greek. Just wear it all day as a talisman, and if you go out it will help you stay away from trouble if you have correct intention.


        Saturday – Shungite


        Saturday is a day of rest, even its name in many languages, for example in Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, etc., derives from Sabbath – a holy day of rest in Judaism. And when we relax, we are most vulnerable to outside threats. So on Saturday, we need to protect ourselves to the maximumShungite is famous for being the stone of protection, both physical and spiritual. It protects us from negative energy and influences, toxic environment, electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiation. If you spend your Saturday indoors, you can always have shungite decorative items at your home that will shield you from all the threats. If you decide to go out, you can simply take a small shungite stone or an elite shungite nugget and carry it with you everywhere you go.


        Sunday – Jasper


        As we’ve said above about Monday being the day of reset for many people. The same can be said about Sunday. It is the day when we need to make conclusions about the week and contemplate our further actions. To achieve this, we must be balanced and centered. Jasper is able to bring the serenity needed for this. On Sunday, it is best to conduct crystal meditations, as nothing will distract us. You can meditate only with a jasper stone in your hand, or you can make a crystal grid with all seven daily crystals, which will build your strength, confidence, and ambitions even more.


        With this crystal diary you will never lose your masculinity, yet still remain a little femininity which is needed in gentler situations in life. Purchase crystals and keep yourself natural and strong!

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