Crystal Diary: Crystals For Female Energy

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        Some time ago we did a crystal diary for men, so every man would know how he can implement crystal healing every day. In that article we’ve mentioned that the majority of crystal users are still women, so how could we leave a much larger part of crystal lovers and enthusiasts without their own crystal diary? So here it is, you can consider it to be a small tip on what crystal you should use for what goal every day of the week.


        Monday – Rose Quartz


        Rose quartz is a perfect crystal to start your week with. It cleanses you from any negative emotions which could have amassed in you over the course of the previous week, harmonizes and balances it with the rest of energy flows in your body to make you feel good. As we often like to mark the start of the week with new beginnings, Rose Quartz will help us to find plenty of new experiences and adventures as it is the crystal of love. You will approach everything with love and affection, which is always beneficial for interpersonal relations and will help you both in your professional life and personal life.


        Tuesday – Moonstone


        Moonstone is an essential stone for every woman, as it is closely connected to the feminine energy of the moon. That means that all the feminine features in you will be improved after you work with moonstone, such as emotional perception and health, intuition, kindness, and sensitivity. Moreover, after busy and hard Monday, it is just the thing to put your mind at ease and guide you through the day with a wave of relaxation. It greatly enhances your sleep and during a week it is very important to have a healthy one, without disorders and nightmares.


        Wednesday – Garnet


        As the fatigue from everyday work is getting stronger, you need some kind of impulse to carry on with your daily business. Garnet is often called a life stone and it is good to deliver that precious life energy to you directly. Thanks to its incredible power, it can give you the edge when dealing with men and toxic masculinity, which is especially important in arguments or if you need to show who is in power. That way, it is responsible for your libido and sexuality. It is also responsible for gathering the energy inside of you and directing it towards the most important goal you have at the moment.


        Thursday – Smoky Quartz


        If you are a person with wild and irrational mood swings, Smoky Quartz might be a perfect solution for you, especially as the tension of every previous day burdens over you. It can stabilize and normalize your general mood and balance out your energy flows. It also protects you from stress, anxiety and fatigue, so you will glide through your routine and tedious business with ease and with no second thought. If you happen to have an emotional burnout, Smoky Quartz will work its best to heal you within the day or even several hours and you will be good to go, without any fear of failure and with no self-limitations, open to new experiences.


        Friday – Citrine


        Citrine massively promotes happiness and optimism, which will help you greatly if you are planning to spend your Friday night partying and relaxing, yet it also increases your self-discipline, in case you are afraid you’ll do something crazy. If, on the contrary, you are planning to spend your free time resting at your home, citrine will also serve as a great aid as it enhances your creativity and imagination, improving the output from your hobbies. Moreover, citrine shields you from negative influences and helps you to achieve success at work and in private life, so the whole day will be productive and not in vain.


        Saturday – Jade


        On Saturday the best course of action is to rest or to do things you have set aside for the weekend. Either way, Jade is a very peaceful stone that promotes rest and relaxation, smooth and calm attitude and tranquility. This way, you will go on about your day with ease, harmony, balance and tranquility. Also, with jade, you will truly understand your self-worth and self-sufficiency, and that will make it easier to face difficult situations and will increase your percentage of success in all endeavors. Moreover, if your week had some unpleasant or traumatic experience, Jade will always help you to get over it and leave it in the past.


        Sunday – Shungite


        Sunday is another day of deep relaxation and spending your time with your family. And during this time both you and your close ones are in dire need of protection from a plethora of negative influences and energy which are always lurking around in our environment. Shungite is the stone that can provide that protection and shield you from negative energy, electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and 5G radiation, geopathic stress, toxicity, etc. You can use it any way you want it: carry a shungite stone or shungite jewelry when you go out, enjoy the properties of shungite decorative items if you stay indoors or even try to meditate with shungite harmonizers or spheres if you want to influence some intention in your life.


        So there it is, our crystal diary for women that will help you to live full enjoyable life. Keep in mind, that you want the effect of a crystal we’ve described on any other day, you can easily change this diary based on your personal needs. Leave your own suggestions on what crystals are better for what days of the week. Purchase crystals and enjoy every day of your life to its full potential!



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