Complete Your Mineral Collection with a Unique Elite Shungite Specimen

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      We all love and enjoy our various hobbies, whatever they are. Some of us pursue physical activities, like hiking or playing sports. Some take the creative route with painting, music, photography, etc. Of course, a lot of us combine different types of hobbies to make our everyday life more diverse and interesting. And sometimes, we also love to take on more calm and measured hobbies, to take something slow and hasteless yet what will bring marvelous and very enjoyable results in the end. One of these hobbies indeed is collecting. And the biggest advantage of this activity is that it can be truly diverse, with literally thousands of things that you can collect. From classic things, like stamps or badges, to more modern stuff like comic books or action figures, or even simple memory tokens like postcards from places you have been to, they all can complement us as personalities with our unique passions, decorate our household and keep us company on lonely evenings. 


unique-elite-shungite-specimen      And of course, it’s the rarest and the most unique collectables that draw the attention. Today we are going to talk about just such a unique hobby in collecting. This one is unique because it connects people of completely different interests: scientific enthusiasts, adepts of the spiritual world, decoration maniacs, nature lovers, you name it. We talk about mineral collecting, in all its scale and diversity. There are so many goals this activity can be based on. There is the obvious: the aesthetic pleasure from beholding the magnificent sight of natural variety of different stones and rocks. The scientific approach is another one: some people study mineralogy and the side effect of their studies is the need to identify and catalogue every mineral, so they take the best of it and start their collection. The rest of the reasons are the desire to study the local nature, mining industry; crystal healing, love of camping and nature in general and the will to possess the rarest specimens of minerals on the Earth. And it is the last which we are interested in. elite-shungite-nugget-for-crystal-collection


      Through our work with shungite, we have found out just how unique it is both physically and spiritually, especially elite shungite. First of all, it is found only in one place on Earth, in Republic of Karelia, which is situated in the North-West of Russia. Secondly, it’s composed almost entirely of carbon (up to 98 %), which is rare among minerals. Its atomic structure is also unique as they are shaped in a special way called fullerenes. Even the discovery of fullerenes was connected to shungite and the scientists who did it were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. Thirdly, this unique structure makes shungite a natural filter, giving him cleansing properties against toxins and negative influences. What also makes elite shungite specimens unique is the fact that it is a fragile mineral, so large nuggets of elite shungite are rare. Let alone the fact that their deep black color, combined with their natural silver glow and small natural infusions of other mineral make elite shungite stone just an eye candy for any collector. That way, it can become a special icing on the cake of your mineral collection.


      We offer elite shungite stones of unique shapes and sizes, handpicked in the heart of the Northern Russia. The larger the stones are the more valuable and rare they become, so they are wanted pieces for any mineral collecting enthusiast. From our large variety of elite shungite stones you can pick the one (or many) which perfectly suit your personal collection. Its exquisite look shapes the overall tone of your crystal grids or layouts and still gives a magnificent image when it is on its own. Purchase unique genuine elite shungite nugget now and acquire the black pearl of northern nature right from the snowy lands of Karelia!

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