Find your own balance with shungite: 4 helpful meditation techniques

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The balance of things around us is a key to a fruitful livelihood, it indeed is.  There are no more absolute rights or wrongs and everything is relative. There is no more black - white, good – evil, light side – dark side choices in life and we can shape our choices according to our own handbook of rules. Yet with all this personal freedom and decisions we can find ourselves lost in the vastly strict society of men and women. That is when we should not forget about balance to keep in touch with reality and keep your emotions, ambitions and spirituality in check.


      Finding balance brings improvement in all aspects of your life. The most obvious are the effects on your physical body and health.  With a considerable amount of workout and healthy nutrition you can definitely feel stronger and better, however, if you exert yourself too much or go on a diet that you don’t want to, that may bounce back and have a negative effect on you. Next thing that is influenced by finding balance is your emotional state. The balance of positive and negative emotions is really a way towards healthy interpersonal relations, career options and rest. What is the most important here is that emotional balance is an integral part of your mental stability and health. Nevertheless, it is crucial not to forget the balance of your mental state on its own. Even though we can clearly see the chain of physical – emotional – mental balances, it is possible to influence them separately.


      The best way to feel more grounded and balanced through spirituality is by practices of yoga and meditations. Naturally, you will need an effective tool to connect you to the spiritual plane and one of our products may be just the right thing. A set of harmonizers, one made of shungite and another from soapstone is created with the idea of balance embedded in them. They balance the feminine and masculine energy, the nature of day and night, good and evil. Meditating with them you will reach the level of balance you need, all you have to do is to select the intention for your balance (physical, emotional and mental) and remember the affirmation related to this intention.  Here are some tips on how to conduct your meditation towards certain type of balance correctly: balance-with-crystal-meditation-shungite-stone-practice


  1. Physical balance. For finding physical balance within you, you should try the standing mountain yoga pose. The whole point of this pose is to find the balance between your back, front, left and right and not to lean in any of these directions. To do this you need to gently rock your body from one direction to others until you feel the balance. In the end you will feel relaxed and the effects of this meditation spill over to the emotional and mental states. For the spiritual balance hold your harmonizers in each hand. The affirmation that you should use in this meditation is “I bless my body daily and take good care of it”.


  1. Emotional balance. The essential thing in finding your emotional balance is your state of mind. You can meditate in your usual meditation posture with shungite rod since the more relevant thing here is the intentions you need to define. You need to fixate on the idea that all the beings in the universe deserve to be treated with kindness and should be free from hatred and suffering. That way you can calm your mind and let go of all the grudges you can have in your numerous relationships.  The suitable affirmation for finding emotional balance is “I am strong and in control of my emotions”.


  1. Mental balance. To key to the mental balance is something called “relaxed alertness”. Again, you should enter your meditation in a way that suits you the most and hold your shungite harmonizer as is comfortable for you. During this meditation you should balance between feeling calm and relaxed and alerted and focused at the same time. The technique can be pretty tricky to master, since it is easy for beginners to fall asleep during relaxed meditation or to be too pumped to be calm during focused meditation. So you should learn to relax yourself if you feel too agitated or wake yourself up if you feel too sleepy or dull. Shungite rod can actually help to achieve this state, since you will always have something in your hand and you can base your awareness around that. The affirmation for this meditation would be “I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am”.


  1. You can also attune the connection between these types of balances, or the overall balance of your physical-emotional-mental planes. If you work on them separately, this connection will, of course, be strong, however if you will take occasional meditation session with shungite rods and define this connection as your most relevant intention, you can influence it directly. The affirmation for this would be “I am physically and emotionally connected and healed”.


      As you see, finding balance is not such a difficult endeavor as it sounds. Through practice and time we are sure even the most lost people will find their place among men and shungite harmonizers will become an effecting helper in this spiritual journey. Purchase shungite rods now and find your own harmony in the hasty life of today!

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