Are You Sensitive Enough for Crystal Energy? Check Out Our List to Find Out!

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        Crystal energy is a truly interesting matter. It is invisible and immeasurable and a lot of people doubt that it, at all, exists. For us, however, crystal lovers and enthusiasts, it is much more than a vague myth. We enjoy it every day and are very happy about it. Crystal energy wouldn’t have been such a sophisticated phenomenon if it was just easily accessible to every living thing. A person should be sensitive to it enough to feel its effects, and sadly, not everyone is. But crystal sensitivity is something you can train, so if you don’t really feel the energy from crystals, don’t despair too soon, because today we are going to talk about personal sensitivity towards crystals.


It is about who you are


        Your personal qualities have a huge effect on your perception of crystal energy. But as was mentioned above, they are mostly not the ones you are born with yet which you obtain during your life. With enough intention, it is always possible to grow them. So, here is a list of those qualities.


  • You have a great interest in rocks, crystals, and minerals. This might not even be related to crystal healing, if you just like the way they look, or you are a professional geologist, this will greatly influence your crystal energy perception.


  • You can have an opinion about any crystal you see. If you encounter a crystal, you will immediately understand whether you love it or straight up detest it. This may be due to the fact that you are actually drawn to certain crystals while being resented by others. Basically, if you are sensitive enough, a crystal will choose you just as you will choose it.


  • You are more emotional around crystals. This is fairly easy to notice – just try to compare your emotional state when you are wearing crystals or using them to your emotional state without them. Crystals influence us on a number of levels and the most important ones are your physical, mental and emotional states. If the last ones improve while being subjected to crystal energy, you can definitely say that you are sensitive to it.


  • Your temperature perception changes. This comes from crystal energy influence on your physical body. If you are suddenly feeling hot, sweaty or shiver in cold around crystals, that may be a sign, that you are crystal sensitive.


  • You are empathic. That is actually the big one because it is a huge part of our personality. The ability to feel the energy of other people and sympathize with them certainly helps when you need to seek out the energy of crystals. This one might be very hard to train, but with correct intentions and motivation, everything is possible.


  • You feel your Chakras and aura. Of course, the knowledge on Chakras requires some learning, but with proper information at your hands, you will be able to dive deep in Chakras and understand the system and what makes it tick. In the end, you will be able to sense the influence of crystals on each of your Chakras.


  • You have vivid and realistic dreams. It is always said about people with strong sensitivity and perception – they have a rich imagination. This way, if you often have memorable dreams, that may mean that you are sensitive to crystals.


  • You are a strong believer in the spiritual plane. In any form (religion or belief) this connection to the divine or sacred makes you more aware and sensitive to the living energies of the world. Crystal energy is just one of them.


  • You feel different around different crystals. As you may know, all crystals have different effects and properties. Some promote love, some make it easier to overcome obstacles, some protect you from negative influences. If you can feel that various crystals have different influence over you, then you are definitely sensitive to crystal energy.


Don’t worry


        As you see, that is a lot. And there still might be a chance that you haven’t developed crystal sensitivity yet, but the work towards it is possible to achieve for everyone. So, let’s say that you have bought a shungite piece and it just doesn’t seem to have any effect, don’t panic right away. First of all, you should check if your shungite is authentic and not fake (we have a guide on that). However, we vouch for our shungite’s quality, so if you have bought it here, it is 100 % genuine. Another important thing to remember is that you should recharge and cleanse shungite (and we have a guide on that too). But if everything is taken care of, you should pay attention to the list above. Maybe you just aren’t sensitive enough yet? Maybe you should work on something?


        Crystal energy, as any complex energy in the world, requires subtlety and tidiness. Purchase shungite to enjoy the magical touch of crystal energy every day!

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