Are you affected by EMF? Check this list to find out!

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      The EMF protection is one of the most important properties of shungite and it is a grand deal when it comes to our health. And nowadays there is more and more information on how electro-magnetic waves and radiation influence one’s health, both physical and emotional. Thus, sometimes you can’t help but wonder: “Is my health affected by EMF?” Here are some tips that might help to determine if you are under the influence of electro-magnetic radiation.


  1. You notice out-of-nowhere depressive tendencies, your brain functioning has slowed down or you have problem with your memory. One of the major influences of EMF is on your nervous system, and usually, their effects are the first to come out on the surface, due to the fact that nervous system is the most vulnerable in our body. Because of that, you might experience mood swings, emotional instability, numbness and other negative effects that come with distortions in nervous system.
  2. You fall ill more often than before. EMF tend to weaken immune system of the organism and even more, it increases the intensity of infection processes, so not only you might experience more illnesses, but they also become stronger and more dangerous. Therefore, if you feel that the common cold has become your general state, or if your harmless ailment has developed into something more severe, the effects of electro-magnetic waves might be at play here.
  3. Your hormonal level jumps back and forth. It is not a secret that thyroid is one of the most vulnerable organs in your body and its work can be damaged by a number of negative influences. EMF is a very powerful influence over it, especially due to the fact that you might not even suspect that it affects you. And these effects can have devastating effects on your organism, so the shifts in your hormonal level are the first sign that something isn’t right.
  4. You have unusual pulse patterns. The cardiovascular system is extremely crucial for your body and violation of its processes can have dreadful results on your health. The influence of electro-magnetic radiation on your heart can lead to negative effects on blood pressure, arrhythmia, affect the quality of your blood, for example, decreasing the blood clotting.
  5. You have unusual pains and aches. We advise to take a look at these types of pains: in the center of the chest (heart aches), migraines and other types of headaches, muscle pains without any damage or strain, random muscle contractions, pains in the organs of reproductive system.  These pains are often the result of EMF influence.
  6. You have problems with your libido or your child has birth defects. Another vulnerable spot for EMF is your reproductive system. Connected with troubles in hormonal level this can lead to sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction for men or issues with menstrual cycles for women. Even more crucial are the aftermath these effects can create for the process of conception, pregnancy and health of the embryo. Nowadays, birth defects are directly connected with the negative influences on parents, and electro-magnetic radiation is one of the most common sources of this.


      We hope that this information will help you to detect negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation on the early stages and prevent further harm on your health.  As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed, and with the help of shungite you can shield yourself and people around you from the harmful effects of EMF. Get shungite now and live long and healthy life without the toxic influence of EMF!

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