Another One Bites the Rust: Is Rust on Shungite Stones Harmful?

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        Elite shungite is undoubtedly an icing on a cake in our whole shungite collection. Silvery, shiny, with magnificent color and gloss, it has become one of the most popular tools for crystal healing, EMF protection, water cleansing, jewelry supplies and much more. Yet even though more and more people get to know what elite shungite is every day, there are still many questions you may have about it. One of the most asked questions that we get from you, our clients, is this: Why is there rust in my elite shungite nugget? Well, today we hope that we will clear the air on the matter once and for all!


        Firstly, we should define what rust is. Basically, rust is an iron oxide and is generated when iron is in contact with oxygen in water or in humid air.  So you should bear in mind, that for the kind of rock that shungite is, which lay in the ground for thousands of years, rust is only the natural order of things. Karelia itself is a very humid region, half of a year humidity is higher than 80%. And not only shungite can have up to 20 % of iron in its composition (it is higher for regular shungite and much lower, down to 2 % in elite shungite), also Karelian soil is filled with iron ore which has a lot of contact with all other rocks and minerals around it. Thus, all conditions for rust formation are met: humidity and iron.


        As we see from the previous paragraph, there can be two kinds of rust on shungite stones: that was formed on shungite itself or that moved on shungite from other ores or minerals. Either way, it is nothing to be afraid of, since it always is on the surface of stones and gets deep inside in a rock only if there are deep cracks on it. Hence, if you will receive an elite shungite stone with a little rust on it, don’t worry, internally your stone is intact and firm as ever.


        Another important thing to remember about rusty stones is that rust doesn’t affect elite shungite’s powerful properties in any way. We still use stones with little spots for water purification, they are an effective tool to shield yourself from electro-magnetic fields and protect you from negative influences in the environment. The differences are purely in the outside appearance of the stone, so if you have a stone with rusty spots, or rust came to your stone with time, you can rest easy knowing that you, your close ones and your household are clean from negativity and well protected.


        If these small rusty spots bother you, you can get rid of them easily. It is better to use pointy needle and carefully peel the rust off. Afterwards, wash your stone in running water and your elite shungite will be shiny and beautiful and you can be sure that you gave it its restored beauty. Even though the nature gave us this precious rock, nature is full of irregularities and sometimes it is our job to make them right.


        To sum up, rust on elite shungite stones is totally natural, harmless and easy to get rid of, so if your stone has a little rust on it, don’t panic or throw it away. Especially if you already have a personal connection to the particular stone, it is easier to just clean it from rust, than to build connection with another one. Don’t be afraid of shungite’s rust, because no matter what, shungite is the best of Karelian nature!

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Cornerstone Equities:
26/06/2019, 04:16:45 AM

Another One Bites the Rust: Is Rust on Shungite Stones Harmful?So are you saying that the "Rust" is also SAFE to drink?

Karelian Heritage:
28/06/2019, 05:03:33 PM

Dear Cornerstone Equities, thank you for your comment. As we say in the article, elite shungite stones with a small amount of rust on them are safe to use for water filtering. A small amount of rust will not affect water and your organism. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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