8 Benefits of Using Shungite Tiles

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       If you wish to decorate your home with style and add some of that famous shungite magic into the mix, shungite tiles are definitely the best solution for that. Shungite tiles possess all the powerful healing and protective properties of shungite stones and can help you improve your health and mood. These tiles can be applied both to walls and to a floor in areas that usually require tiles – bathroom, restroom, kitchen, etc. So, what is so special about shunigite tiles?


       1. Shungite is known to be of deep black color, and black tiles are great in creating personalized interior designs. In a lot of ways, black is a universal color, and it gives you a chance to highlight different details in your interior. Visually, it will expand these rooms, and as we usually use tiles in smaller rooms, like bathroom or kitchen, it will surely help to make them look larger. Add to that, that your black tiles are not any ordinary ones, but made out of such a powerful stone as shungite and it’s a definite win-win situation.


       2. Bathroom is a place of a certain vulnerability for us, as we are completely exposed out there, both figuratively and literally. That is why we should feel safe and protected when we are in such a state and shungite is a great protective stone. Its protective properties are well-known around the world and it is able to shield you from a large number of unwanted energies and negative influences, including electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiation.


       3. Shungite’s other area of expertise is filtering and purification, and we frequently use it to cleanse water. And shungite does get rid of toxic and harmful elements and bacteria and that can be highly beneficial in such a humid area as a bathroom. So with this shungite property you can ensure your safety from various germs and fungi which can be often found lurking around your bathroom. And in general, shungite tiles are efficient for your personal hygiene, whether you are washing yourself, brushing your teeth or enjoying your cosmetic routine.


       4. Cooking is another routine thing that should be approached with precision and cleanness. After all, we are what we eat. Applying shungite tiles at your kitchen will grant those filtering properties to your food making process and make sure that your food stays pure and healthy.


       5. Another benefit of shungite tiles for your food comes from its restorative and rejuvenating properties. Just as shungite itself keeps you fresh and young, so it can make your food stay fresh longer. That is why we also endorse shungite plates, but with your kitchen being full of shungite energy, these processes will work even better. This is especially true about natural products like fruits and vegetables, which will spoil less fast.


       6. Shungite also has this peculiar property: it accumulates heat and can retain it for a long time. That is why shungite powder is used in agriculture to keep soil warm during the night. Thanks to that, with shungite tile you can make sure that your bathroom/kitchen stays warm all the time. Shungite will simply take the heat from pipes of hot water and turn itself into a low-key radiator, and it will not crack or spoil from heat thanks to its heat resistance.


       7. Covering your floor/walls with shungite tiles will protect you from many threats, especially, as we have mentioned above, from EMF and 5G radiation. The danger of EMF is everywhere today, even if you will make your household electronics-free, it still engulfs your home from the outside with mobile network towers and other appliances. And we doubt that you will do such a thing, since we rely heavily on our gadgets and other electronic devices, so the threat exists inside our homes too. Kitchens alone have sources of a huge number of EMF – microwaves. Shungite tiles will successfully diminish the amount of EMF and 5G radiation and keep your home and your health safe.


       8. There is also an option that doesn’t include covering large surfaces with shungite tiles. You can simply use pieces of tile as a stands or plates. For example, you can leave your smartphone on it and it will shield you from harmful EMF that is radiated by our phones 24/7. The same goes for Wi-Fi routers or any other device that is small enough to fit a piece of tile. And don’t worry, they come in different shapes and sizes and fit any interior perfectly. Also, you can keep your food on a piece of shungite tile to preserve it better and give it a large boost in positive energy.


       Those are the major benefits of using shungite tiles. Sure, it may take some skill to apply it, but we are sure, that if you are dead set on decorating your home interior, you will easily learn how to do it. Purchase shungite tiles and bring famous shungite protection and healing into your home!

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Diane Zalansky:
08/01/2020, 01:46:55 AM

my daughter and I are very excited to get some benefits from shungite I purchased some powder from the LC now I just order a couple of things. I want this to help my daughter so much wish us luck

Karelian Heritage:
09/01/2020, 02:34:12 PM

Dear Diane, thank you for your comment. We hope that you will enjoy using shungite products, and they will help you feel healthier and better! Sending you good vibes. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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