Non-polished irregular shungite tile

Non-polished irregular shungite tile

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Non-polished irregular shungite tile for home décor


Material: regular shungite

Style: non-polished

Shape: irregular shape

Approximate size: 150*100 mm (5.90*3.93 inches)

Weight: 200 grams (0.44 Ib)


Shungite tiles and plates are widely used in construction and decoration due to its deep and attractive black color and its distinctive protective properties. They provide strong protection field that helps to reduce EMF influence. Moreover, you can place fruits and vegetables on a tile and will stay fresh for a longer period.

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      Shungite tiles are widely used in construction and decoration due to its deep and attractive black color and various shapes. Shungite stone tiles, placed on the walls, will provide a powerful protection from EMF radiation at any place. You may also use them as a stand for your mobile phone, Wi-Fi router or any other sources of EMF you use the most. In order to reduce the EMF radiation influence on you, you just need to put your device on the tile that will be absorbing the part of electromagnetic waves and shield you from their damaging effects.


     Moreover, shungite tiles are often used in the kitchen to keep fruits and vegetable fresh longer. Putting them on a piece of shungite you will preserve all the vitamins and microelements and protect from toxins.




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Authentic shungite from Karelia, Russia

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