Shungite and Amber Protective Bracelet on Elastic Band

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Authentic shungite from Karelia

The Zazhoginsky deposit shungite is the only place of the origin of this amazing stone!

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Shungite and Amber Protective Bracelet on Elastic Band


Number of beads: 20 shungite beads and 3 amber beads

Size of a shungite bead: 8 mm (0,31 inches)

Weight: 15 grams (0.033 lbs)

Please note that pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Size and color of amber beads may differ.

This item is available for delivery from our overseas warehouses. Please, check available options. If we have the item in stock in your domestic country, you will be able to choose if for expedited shipping. If not, please, choose delivery from Russia. 


Shungite bracelets have proven to contribute to your physical and mental health. They accumulate positive energies and vibrations and bring inner harmony and peace to your mind and body. Shungite bracelets are also a good way to protect against EMF and geopathic stress influence.


When we talk about our favorite crystals and stones we should always keep in mind that a lot of them are not exactly “crystals” or “stones” in a scientific sense, and that is especially true about amber. That is because amber is actually fossilized tree resin that spent 30-90 million years in the ground. Thus, it is purely organic and has lots of shapes and sizes. Amber is very highly valued by jewelers and craftsmen and has become one of the most popular jewelry stones.

Amber is the stone of many properties as is highly regarded by many cultures of the Earth. It was always connected to warmth and beauty and sometimes even serves as the symbol of the sun. Amber is said to bring its user lots of courage, since it is often connected to tigers. That can make you truly goal-oriented and you will be able to achieve whatever you intend to and overcome any obstacles on your way.

Another important property of amber is protection. Throughout history travelers would carry amber stones during long journeys as it would shield them from dangers and keep them safe. That is why it can significantly boost your immunity and make your everyday life less stressful and tense. Hence you will be able to get rid of massive anxiety and depression, eliminate fears that you may have in your life and balance your emotional health, especially if you practice meditations or other crystal rituals.


Shungite works perfectly alongside amber, since both of these stones are protective ones. Shungite can shield you both from physical (such as EMF and 5G radiation) and metaphysical threats, while amber is a great protector against stress and anxiety. Carrying this jewelry piece with you at all times will make your everyday life save from a substantial amount of dangers and you will be able to function at 100 per cent when you need to.

Moreover, shungite’s ability to influence energy flows and amber’s capability to motivate you and increase your ambitions can do wonders both in your personal and professional lives. You will be able to see things clearer and with more awareness, define your intentions more accurately and achieve your goals more effectively.

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      Shungite stone bracelets are worn by people of all ages and nationalities around the world. Apart from deep black color and immense variety of beads shapes they have proven to contribute to your physical and spiritual health and well-being. The wrist area has important bioactive points connected with nervous, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Thus, shungite bracelets can contribute to psycho-emotional state, normalize blood pressure, provide greater stress resistance, strengthen physical health and subtle your body.


      We advice to wear shungite bracelets on the left hand since left arm is involved with the energy coming toward your body, so-called future energy. Putting shungite stone bracelet on your left wrist you will protect yourself from any negative unwanted vibrations incoming to your body. It will balance the energetic flows and provide you with overall protection for the whole day. There isn’t any short timing how long you need to wear your shungite bracelet as it has soothing energy and doesn’t produce intensive vibrations that can affect your body. Therefore, you can wear it on a daily basis to ensure comprehensive protection and healing. However, please, beware that it is better to remove shungite bracelet in shower, bath or swimming pool if you want to keep its natural beauty and shine over time.



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