Alternative Medicine: Crystal Healing with Shungite

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shungite-crystal-healing      Crystal healing is one of the most ancient alternative medicine techniques. It is widely applied to cure diseases accumulating positive energy and amplifying healing intentions with the power of crystals and stones. If you are thinking of experiencing alternative medicine, crystal healing is a great way to start.






      There are hundreds of different healing crystals you may choose from. Each of them has its unique vibrations and curative properties. Although you should always choose the stones that you feel an attraction to, there are several must-haves for your crystal healing practice. Shungite is one of them.


      Shungite is a powerful grounding crystal. Healing energy of the stone relieves stress and anxiety, imparts the sense of calm and balance and protects from negative vibrations. Besides, shungite stone has a positive impact on physical health strengthening immune system, improving blood circulation, relieving pain in joints and muscles.


      As crystal healing is all about interaction with stones there are numerous ways you may incorporate shungite curative energy into your daily routine. For example, you may create a crystal grid combining shungite with other healing crystals to amplify their energy, or you may speak affirmations with your shungite crystal in the morning and then keep the stone in the pocket to keep your intention with you throughout the day.


      If you’d like to get the most out of shungite crystal healing , feel free to combine it with other alternative medicine techniques. It perfectly matches with other treatments enhancing their overall effect on your body and soul.



Shungite crystal healing + yoga


      Would you like to enhance your daily yoga practice? You may hold shungite crystals in your hands or place them on the mat, as well as enjoy the healing power of shungite while wearing shungite string yoga bracelets. It will ground you and make you feel connected with the Earth. As this crystal is associated with the root chakra, shungite yoga will be extremely helpful for Muladhara chakra balancing. In a word, creating a calm sacred space for your yoga practice with the help of shungite you will improve spiritual development and reach a deeper level of healing.


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Shungite crystal healing + meditation


      Meditation will let you experience shungite healing properties to the full extent. Sitting quietly with shungite harmonizers, pyramids, or just crystals in your hands you will ultimately relax your body and mind. Shungite will help you to reach tranquility and eliminate emotional blockage. Focus on your desires during the meditation to set the right intentions that shungite stone will keep and amplify.


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Shungite crystal healing + aromatherapy


      Using natural oils will amplify shungite healing energy in terms of pain relief and mood enhancement. Place several drops of your favorite essential oil on your pulse point while using a crystal. This combination will raise your vibration, make you feel safe, bring inspiration, and increase productivity. The best essential oils to combine shungite with are frankincense, lemon or orange, ginger, ylang-ylang.



Shungite crystal healing + reiki


      Reiki healing is connected with an idea of the “life force energy” accumulating in our hands. This practice is aimed at spiritual development and self-improvement. A light hand touches during reiki sessions may be accompanied by shungite stone massage. The smooth and flat surface of the stones reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, and boosts the immune system. To put it simply, using shungite massage sticks or just placing shungite crystal pyramids nearby helps to reach deeper relaxation and promote physical and spiritual recovery during reiki sessions.


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Shungite crystal healing + naturopathy


      Naturopathy is based on the healing power of nature, for instance, water, lunar or solar energy. Shungite powerful vibrations will let you establish strong connections with nature increasing its curative impact on your body and soul. Besides, shungite water stones will help you to create energized water with numerous therapeutic effects. 


      Crystal healing and other alternative treatments have been trusted for hundreds of years. Many people believe that they hold even more power in maintaining health and harmony. Shungite healing is just one of the numerous options. Place your first order on our website to let shungite bring positive changes into your life.