COVID-19 FAQs about orders and deliveries

     Can I still place an order?

     Yes. Our store stays open. The Customer Service team is working remotely and available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moscow time. We will be happy to assist you. You may use the most preferable communication channel, but we’re kindly asking you to put all inquiries into one message to reduce the average response time.


     Do you provide worldwide shipping? Will I be able to get my order?

     Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 situation develops, some countries have banned the processing of all international shipments. It affects our ability to provide worldwide shipping for the orders. As of April 5th, the list of countries includes France, the Philippines, India, Montenegro, Mongolia, Kuwait, Libya, Peru, Moldavia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Ecuador, and Myanmar. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.

     But the majority of export routes remain open and we continue to work with our partners across the globe to maintain services and deliver shungite orders to you. If the government and national post of the country haven’t introduced any restrictions, your order will be fulfilled and delivered as normal.


     What are the handling and delivery time? Will there be delays?

     Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, handling time for the orders is 3-5 business days now, as we’ve seen an increase in the number of orders, but we’ve reduced staff in our fulfillment centers to ensure strict social-distancing and to follow all other safety advice.

     Standard shipping from Russia takes about 25-30 business days, but now there may be some delays to the deliveries, as all shipping services have to follow government safety guidance to protect their teams and clients. Thank you for your understanding.

     As a reliable seller, we still take full responsibility for the delivery and if the parcel is lost in transit or stuck at some fulfillment center, we will be ready to offer you a refund or reshipment or find another way to fix the issue.


     Are there any other changes in order processing?

     Unfortunately, we have to put the customization of our shungite handmade items on hold. All jewelry pieces will be sent in their standard size mentioned in the product’s description. We hope for your understanding!


     How are you making deliveries safe?

     We’re are closely monitoring the measures national postal services take to protect their staff and your health. According to the World Health Organization, “the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and been exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.” Coronaviruses have poor survivability on surfaces (about 72 hours on plastic and paper bags). Therefore, there is a low risk of spread from packages shipped over 25-30 days.

     Moreover, some national postal services including Canada Post and Royal Mail are minimizing contact during delivery, giving longer periods to collect or have your item redelivered. Please, check with your national post to find out about all the options.


     What are you doing to protect your staff that can’t work from home?

     At our warehouses, we’ve taken additional steps to protect our employees. We’ve reduced staff to ensure strict social-distancing, added additional travel arrangements and support to help the journey to and from work, enhanced standards of cleaning and provided our teams with any necessary equipment.